Monday, August 24, 2015

Foodcraft Espresso & bakery, Erskineville

Foodcraft Espresso is on the Hype now for their Tella Shake and their Instagram has hit 10.6k follower! So I'm very keen to try out whats the ruckus is all about.. So I went there with some of my friends last Sunday. Decided to come super early to skip the queue, Arrived at the place at 9:30AM and we gotta wait for around 30mins before we were seated.

We got the outdoor seat and luckily it was a bright sunny day last week, so we don't mind sitting out. While we wait for the foods, I went inside the place and look around the interior. They have an open kitchen at the end of the walkway and on the right is the display of their World Famous Tella ball lining up waiting to be eaten ;P

We wanted to try the Vanilla and the Salted Caramel, but they said they have run out at 10AM~~! Unbelievable how famous their shakes are. So we got the Strawberry with Jam Donuts on top and The Famous Tella Shake with Tella ball.

$10 a mug
The verdict for the shake? Hmm.. hard to say, the donuts are dense to me and very generous in size but I think for a person to finish the whole thing is just massive and too overly sweet! The shake itself is pretty ordinary. As we eat, the queue starts to build up and I heard some people behind me was saying that they rather make the milkshake at home and just get the donuts from there. But the other was saying "at least you gotta try it once in your life" haha!

Ms.H got the Baked Egg and served with Sourdough.

Italian Baked Egg $18
The guys got the Big Breakkie - Bacon, Egg, Italian Sausage, Grilled Tomato, Haloumi, Hash Brown, Mushrooms and Soourdough. The portion is oh my god so big! Even bebski got a hard time finishing it..

Big Breakkie $20

Ms.L got the Haloumi stack with hash brown, Poached egg, Baby Spinach, Avocado and Balsamic glazed tomato.

Haloumi stack $16
I got the Eggs benedict with Tasmanian Salmon on Brioche. I add some Italian sausage too. I read some reviews saying that their food are pretty mediocre compare to other brunch places and last week, I've experienced it myself. it's the first time I didn't finished a meal in a brunch place. The eggs were poached perfectly, the salmon and hollandaise sauce are quite salty and the brioche was neither soft nor fresh.

Eggs benedict $16
I wanted to wait til 11AM to order their steak sandwich at first but getting such foods from their breakfast menu made me think twice to order the lunch menu ;P It may be just my opinion regarding the foods but yeah, besides trying the Tella Shake, I don't think I would be coming back there.

When we left the place, the queue has become sooo massive! They even have their own queue for paying ;P

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