Monday, August 31, 2015

Enjoy Mie, Kensington

A new Indonesian Noodle  shop opened up in Kensington not too long ago. So bebski & I decided to try it out one Thursday night. The location of the place was where Wow Bulgogi used to be. They've changed a bit of the interior but everything else are still similar.

So what you do when you enter is to look at the menu, order to the counter and then pick a seat :) There's a self-serve section for cutleries, condiments and serviette.

Bebski and I were starving and we wanted to try everything on the menu but unfortunately they ran out of their Fried meatball. So we just got the Deep Fried Wonton (Pangsit Goreng). Nothing special on the wonton, it's a bit oily in  my opinion and not very generous on the fillings ;p

Fried Wonton $5 for 4pcs
We ordered their Mie Spesial which includes Diced Chicken, Soy Egg, Chicken Giblet and boiled Wonton. I love the seasonings of the noodle and I'm pretty sure they used pork lard or some kind of fat cause the taste is just spot on ;P

The only thing to complete an Indonesian Noodle dish is Chilli sauce! Unfortunately again they put too much water onto the chilli mix, maybe to cut cost but the taste is just too bland. :( But the noodle is pretty itself without the chilli. It's just my preferences hehe..

Mie Spesial $11
I loveeee Gow Gee / Suikiaw n indo.. I got a bowl of gow gee soup for the sides. It tasted pretty good in my opinion.. Pretty similar to the ones we got back in Jakarta :)

Gow Gee 4pcs $6
So the verdict of this place.. Worth a try but bebski didn't like it that much so maybe i'm not coming back.. well at least not with him. he ended up getting a Maccas meal on our way home ;P
Apart from Noodles, they only got one rice variant in their menu. They closed Monday and Tuesday.

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