Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, The Galleries Victoria

My sister got invited for the Grand Opening of the second Yayoi in The Galleries Victoria where Wagamama used to be. She asked me to come along and I gladly agree ;P
So it was a day before it is open to public, precisely on the 13th Aug.. We went there for dinner at around 6:30PM.

The ambiance of the place is really classy and inviting from the outside. Almost the same classy-ness as the one in Bridge st but here, what I love is the brightness of the lighting :) Been to the one in Bridge st for dinner and unfortunately got the table where the lighting was pretty bad, so I havent write any post on that up to now..
The ordering system here is electronic and that what makes us wanted to order for more ;p

The waitress politely came to our table to offer us drinks and she told us that we can order anything from the menu, like anything, literally ;P And so here it is...

First that we ordered is the Salmon Salad. Fresh Salmon with Japanese Greens and Yuzu dressing which has just the perfect balance of sweet-salty-sour. Thankfully, Mr.W, my sis Bf came along with us cause me and my sis don't like raw salmon ;P Otherwise there will be a pile of fresh salmon left on the plate in the end tee hee..

The one thing that cannot be missed in Japanese restaurant for me... Tamago Yaki! Those thick rolled sweetened egg is just my weak-on-the-knee! But in my opinion, Sushi Tengoku still serves the best tamago everrrrr ~~

Next is the Salmon Teriyaki. We loveeee the salmon teriyaki in the Gozen, so we ordered the A-la carte portion for an extra satisfaction ^^

My Favourite Dish of the night!! The Beef Sukiyaki. The sweet light broth is very addictive, the beef is rich in flavour, tender and a perfect match to the chewy udon!!

We also ordered the Mix Katsu Toji; Prawn, Pork and Beef Katsu with Dashi broth - soy based soup at the bottom and fluffy egg in between. I'm a bit disappointed cause the toji that I remembered from my previous visit at Bridge st is more crispy and flavoursome compare to this one.

The second must order dish if you ever visited Yayoi.. The Yayoi Gozen. A huge Bento box comprises with small tasting plate of what Yayoi has to offer. Salmon Teriyaki; Wagyu Sukiyaki, Pork Katsu, Salmon Salad, Miso Soup and Tofu Salad

To end our meal, we always need something sweet and so we got the Matcha Anmitsu.. Green tea ice cream served with Clear cibes jelly, red bean, fruits and a dash of sweet black syrup as the side.

The night has been great! Service for Japanese restaurant is undoubtedly the best one could ask for.. One thing though, the price of the foods here are slightly cheaper than the one in Bridge St. Taste wise, Bridge st is still better in my opinion..

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  1. The bento here are so much fun and I have a weak spot for sukiyaki too. Yum!


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