Monday, August 31, 2015

My Delight, Mascot

Two Indonesian Restaurant in a week! We dooo missed Indonesian food soo muchh last week. Sunday is usually my brunch day but last week, I gave in to Bebski cause he wanted to try My Delight for quite a while now. My sister has been telling us to try their Green Chilli chicken and My friends told me to try their Beef Ball soup  / Bakso Abang  abang. So we went and go mad on the foods, as always ;p

First, we tried their Pork Meatball. It was quite cold already but still good. It got a the prawn taste and it's not as empty as the one in Pinang Bistro. But I still prefer the later hands down.

We also ordered the Pork Satay - Indonesian style pork skewer chargrilled with sweet soy sauce. The meat was very generous and the seasoning are just perfect! It does taste like the one we have in Jakarta. bebskii loved it so muchhhh! and I highly recommend it if you wanted to try a very good pork satay.

Pork satay 5pcs $8
 And here comes the Green Chilli Chicken! Oh my Gawd, the green chillies areee too good! it's not spicy, but rather fragrant and really good with the chicken. The fried chicken is not as good as 99 but the green chilli, the best ive had so far in Sydney! Another recommended dish and especially eaten with steamed rice :)

Green Chilli Chicken $8
I tried the Bakso Abang2 - Clear Beef balls Soup with Tendon ball, soft tendon balls, Beef ball with egg inside and a tofu beef ball and vermicelli:) It wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. It's okay, quite good. The problem is in the broth, it needs more punch of flavour. But with a bit of Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), a bit of salt, vinegar and chilli, everything's changed :)

Bakso Abang Abang $9
To feed my curiosity, we also tried the Combination Noodle it got mince pork, diced chicken, boiled wontons and the best part, crispy pork lardddd.. groarr... The only noodle in Sydney that think smart enough to add this on noodle toppings! Bebski & I would definitely come back here just because of the lard!

Buttt...... If you're unlucky, sometimes they don't make the lard, so it is seasonal. better call first before you drive all the way to mascot if your eally wanted to try it out :) But the seasoning of the noodle and everything else is just perfect! The chilli also great hereee...

We spent ard $40-50 here for everything. But we came out with full tummy and smile on our face. Especially bebski's face :)

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  1. Hey Shirley thanks for the lovely write up of Melbourne. Next time when you go you should visit Laksa King in Newmarket. They do the best Malaysian food for great prices.

    Have you been to St Kilda and their Saturday/Sunday markets. They are great on the sunny days you can view all the crafts and see the beach. Just a tip: don't drive down there though- its a madhouse and parking is very hard to find during the weekends/nights. Better to take the tram and pay the $12 in fares ($6 for the card fee and $6 for the weekend day fee)

    And do try our trams especially in the free tram zone.


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