Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cafe Bello, Burwood

Cafe Bello located on the ground floor of Burwood Westfield offered a wide range of foods from light meals, heavy fix through to desserts and cakes. I got the chance to try the place out for breakfast together with Mr.P and Mr.W. It was so hard looking for a breakfast place that opens on New years eve but thank God Cafe Bello is opened early in the morning. 

We were greeted by a friendly smile and seated almost immediately. Flipping through the menu again and again cause they got a lot to choose from and it was always the hardest decision to make; which dish should I get, which one is popular, will that worth the price I pay, will the portion fill me up, etc!

So to make things easier, we ordered the drinks first. Mr.W ordered the Mocha Frappe - Fresh coffee and chocolate blended with ice cream and milk, a perfect drink to satisfied the thirst from the hot weather outside! 

Mocha Frappe $5.90
For me, I got the Guava Juice, freshly prepared juice. It's not too sweet and definitely refreshing!

Guava Juice $3.90
Getting on with the foods, Mr.W ordered the B.E.L.T - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and relish on Turkish bread with a fried egg. A simple sandwich with definitely bulky fillings! Portion was generous and when it can filled Mr.W tummy up, then it's huge enough to fill everyone else's ;p

B.E.L.T $10.90
I got the Egg Montreal - Poached egg and smoked salmon on english muffins with Hollandaise sauce. I'm not a fan of muffin so I can the kind waiter to swap the muffin with sourdough ;p The eggs were perfectly cooked and the salmon was fresh, it was pretty and yummy enough to make Mr.P jealous of my food ;p

Egg's Montreal $17.90
And a Big Breakfast for Mr.P with egg of your choice, and everything else that you can see from the pictures ;p He was complaining at first that the portion was pretty small considering the price, but as he goes through the plate, he then admitted that it was really filling!

Big Breakfast $20.90
Overall, we were really satisfied with the foods, with the service and the atmosphere of the place. I will definitely be back for their crepes and cakes!!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wooden Bowl, Strathfield

Mr. A told me that he found this place in Strathfield that he said got the Best Jajangmyun he's ever had, even Arisun's one is a no match! So I was very curious to try it out! So I gathered up my Foodies troop; bebski, Mr.Wjt, Mr.P, Mr.Us d Mr.A to a feast in Wooden Bowl!

The side dishes were surprisingly small ;p

We got the Kang pung ki , it was delish! Even though it's not as tasty as Seoul ria's but this'll do me good to accompany our noodle dishes :)

Kang Poong Ki $24
I ordered Mixed seafood spicy Noodle, the noodle was thick and chewy, just how I like my noodle to be. The sauce was full of flavour and quite spicy which was another reason why I love this dish! I did recommend this dish if you ever try Wooden Bowl out :)

Spicy noodle with mixed seafood $13
Mr.Wjt, Mr,Us and Mr.A ordered the Black bean noodle (Jajangmyun), it tasted rather siilar to Arisun in my opinion and they serve it not as hot as usual. Which got a complain from Mr.wjt. Now I realized, he's quite critical on his foods ;p It was good though but not better than Arisun's.

Jajangmyun $10
We also ordered the Soy Fried Chicken but unfortunately to my disappointment, the taste didn't deliver. the chicken was quite bland and the sauce was not thick and sticky enough to coat the chicken ;p

Soy Fried Chicken $29
Bebski ordered the Chicken on rice with the black bean sauce. Just the way he likes it cause he don't really like noodle and here they have the black bean sauce with rice which is perfect for him. The fried rice was fragrant and delish!

Jajang Bap $13
Mr.P ordered Seafood Noodle Soup which was very very bland haha! After tasting the jajangmyun and the spicy noodle, the soup tasted like water. he ended up adding soy cause to the soup ;p

Seafood Noodle Soup $13
Overall, it was a good chance to try out this place. Knowing that Arisun's Jajangmyun is still the best give me a bit of relieve, so I don't have to travel far to Strathfield for Jajangmyun ;p I do recommend the spicy noodle and kang poong ki here!

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The Corner Cafe, Port Macquarie

Continuing my holiday to Port Macquiire, on the second day of our trip, we really feels like having breakfast before we head back home. We looked up Urbanspoon to see what's the local favourite and apparently Corner Cafe came up as the cafe with highest ratings, so we went there and the place was already filled with customers. Luckily we don't have to wait before we got our table.

A fact about Corner Cafe is that they are the only restaurant on the mid north coast that serves Campos Coffee, which is one of the reason Bebski agreed to dine here :)
And as usual, he got his Flat white morning hit

And I got my Mocha.. was thinking chai latte but I'm pretty curious on the coffee :)

Mr.Wjt got his Latte.

Mr.Wjt got the Bacon and egg roll with tomato relish. The dish was my first choice but for the sake of photo varieties, I ordered another dish ;p BAcon and egg roll is just a perfect combo for breakfast in my opinion, especially if the egg yolk and perfectly cooked. Unfortunately Mr.Wjt didn't like runny eggyolk. Seriously o.O hehe..

Bacon and egg roll with Tomato Relish $14
For me, I got the Bacon and Egg to your liking with thick cut toast. I was really craving for Scrambled eggs, so I chose that and it may looked like a simple breakfast but it was so filling and a perfect meal to fill up my tummy :)

Mr.US was going to ge thte big breakkie but because we spent alot already on foods and the trip, he decided to order similar to mine but he asked for a sunny side up eggs ^^

Overall the corner serves great coffee and good food, it's just that the price is more to the exxy sides considering the simplicity of the foods and if you compare to other brunch places in Sydney ;p Well, its not right to compare it to Sydney but yea I wouldn't go back for seconds I guess..

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hogs Breath Cafe, Port Macquarie

So I went to Port Macquarie like a month ago and Hogs Breath seems to be the best place to have dinner there.. We went there on a Saturday night and boy the queue was crazy.. Can't imagine what happen if they open Hurricane's Grill here ;p But it didn't take that long before we got our seat.

There are Hogs Breath in Sydney too but it didn't appeal that much to me when compare to other steak places, so this was a good chance for me to try this place out. Mr.Wjt said that it's pretty good.

To start with, Mr.US decided to order the Finger Food combo for entrée which consists of the classic potato skins, vegetble spring roolls, crumbed chicken tenders, and salt pepper calamari. Served with sweet chilli sauce and honey mustard. The portion was pretty generous that it nicely fills our tummy a bit before the mains. I personally loveeee the spring rolls and the calamari :)

Finger Food Combo $22.95
Bebski and Mr.Us ordered the Blackened Prime Rib - the steak was seasoned with Hogsbreath's blackened seasoning, a light cajun flavour. It was good and the flavour did penetrate in the meat nicely.

In Hogs breath, they have 3 different sizes of the meat; The traditional cut, the Lite cut and the Mega cut for an extra $7. Bebski did ordered the Mega cut and he had a hard time finishing it off, it's literally so huge!

Mr.Wjt got the Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib - the sauce made up of Chilli and Coconut, and it got the 2007 world champion chilli sauce with heat rating 7/10. The sauce was hands down delish! no wonder they received the award.. But the heat is not 7/10, prolly just 5? hehe. But its hot enough to make Mr.Wjt sweat a bit ;p

Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib $31.95
And for me.. My total weakness is mushroom! I ordered the Garlic Mushroom Prime rib with Baked potato and veggies :) The steak was topped with garlic butter and generous portion of mushroom that was enough to put a smile on my face. I loveee shrooms! The steak was tender and flavourful! Can't imagine I haven't try this place out any sooner..

Lite cut Garlic mushroom prime rib $27.95
Unfortunately we didn't have any more place for dessert.. But I will definitely be back to Hogs breath for any steak cravings in the future!

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Jones the Grocer, Westfield Sydney

I Finally can tick off Jones the Grocer from my wishlist in 2014! Went here for brunch with Bebski, Mr.P and Mr.WJT on a saturday, I'm surprised there were no queue that time! We immediately got seated and I got the chance to look around and took some pictures of the place before ordering..

Apart from the tempting cakes an pastries display at the front of the restaurant, they also have a selections of groceries in shop, from cheeses, wines, tea & Coffee, and even gifts!

It was almost christmas when I came so they have a lot of Christmas goodies to choose from for gifts..

After looking around the place, we ordered the food and my food came first. I ordered the Beef Cheek Papperdelle - 8 hours braised beef cheeks with thick egg papperdelle, basil, tomato and gruyere. The beef cheek was a winner, tender and juicy. But that's about it. the pasta was undercooked and there was lack of flavour in the overall dish :(  I was quite disappointed cause the description of the dish did salivate me!

Beef Cheek Papperdelle $20
I also ordered a side of veggies just cause I'm in the mood for brocolli - stir fry with garlic and chilli

Broccoli side $8
Bebski ordered the Atlantic Salmon - Grilled Salmon fillet, Cherry tomatoes, coriander, mint, bean shoot and black bean vierge. I'm not a fan of Salmon so I only did try it a bit, it was well seasoned and the salad at the bottom was fresh too, the unfortunate thing is the salmon again was overcooked :( I was expecting the pink salmon in the middle like how they did in Masterchef hehe..

Atlantic Salmon $26
Mr. P got the Jones Burger - Wagyu Patty, melted Swiss cheese, Truffle mayo, pickles, mustard, caramelised onion and home made buns served with rustic chips.

Jones Burger $22
Mr.P also got a sides of smoked salmon which was delish! I don't remember how much they charge for the sides, but i think it's definitely worth it, unlike the atlantic salmon ;p

Mr.Wjt ordered the Corn Fritter - Corn & Sweet potato fritter with poached egg, rice noodle and thai herb salad and tamarind dressing. It was scrumptious! The perfectly poached egg yolk flows down the crispy pan fried fritters, the sweetness of the corn and the tangy salads, everything just works perfectly! I highly recommend the corn fritter! It may sounds simple on the menu, but the flavours definitely delivers!

Corn Fritter $17
And when you visited Jones the Grocer, you can't just miss the dessert time! Cause they are famous by their Sticky Date Pudding! The pudding was warm, smothered in the middle of caramel sauce and topped with Vanilla bean ice cream. Just a perfect end to finish my meal! We did share the dessert which is one of my slightest regret haha, next time, I'm definitely not sharing ;p

Sticky Date Pudding $10
The next dessert that we ordered was the Ice Cream Sandwich with salted peanut caramel & Milk chocolate parfait. The dessert was too heavy for me but it was a nice combination of ice cream, the saly caramel and also the crunch from the nuts, Mr.P loved it and he finished every bit of it!

Ice Cream Sandwich $10
That concludes my Jones the Grocer visit ! :)

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