Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Corner Cafe, Port Macquarie

Continuing my holiday to Port Macquiire, on the second day of our trip, we really feels like having breakfast before we head back home. We looked up Urbanspoon to see what's the local favourite and apparently Corner Cafe came up as the cafe with highest ratings, so we went there and the place was already filled with customers. Luckily we don't have to wait before we got our table.

A fact about Corner Cafe is that they are the only restaurant on the mid north coast that serves Campos Coffee, which is one of the reason Bebski agreed to dine here :)
And as usual, he got his Flat white morning hit

And I got my Mocha.. was thinking chai latte but I'm pretty curious on the coffee :)

Mr.Wjt got his Latte.

Mr.Wjt got the Bacon and egg roll with tomato relish. The dish was my first choice but for the sake of photo varieties, I ordered another dish ;p BAcon and egg roll is just a perfect combo for breakfast in my opinion, especially if the egg yolk and perfectly cooked. Unfortunately Mr.Wjt didn't like runny eggyolk. Seriously o.O hehe..

Bacon and egg roll with Tomato Relish $14
For me, I got the Bacon and Egg to your liking with thick cut toast. I was really craving for Scrambled eggs, so I chose that and it may looked like a simple breakfast but it was so filling and a perfect meal to fill up my tummy :)

Mr.US was going to ge thte big breakkie but because we spent alot already on foods and the trip, he decided to order similar to mine but he asked for a sunny side up eggs ^^

Overall the corner serves great coffee and good food, it's just that the price is more to the exxy sides considering the simplicity of the foods and if you compare to other brunch places in Sydney ;p Well, its not right to compare it to Sydney but yea I wouldn't go back for seconds I guess..

Corner Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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