Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wooden Bowl, Strathfield

Mr. A told me that he found this place in Strathfield that he said got the Best Jajangmyun he's ever had, even Arisun's one is a no match! So I was very curious to try it out! So I gathered up my Foodies troop; bebski, Mr.Wjt, Mr.P, Mr.Us d Mr.A to a feast in Wooden Bowl!

The side dishes were surprisingly small ;p

We got the Kang pung ki , it was delish! Even though it's not as tasty as Seoul ria's but this'll do me good to accompany our noodle dishes :)

Kang Poong Ki $24
I ordered Mixed seafood spicy Noodle, the noodle was thick and chewy, just how I like my noodle to be. The sauce was full of flavour and quite spicy which was another reason why I love this dish! I did recommend this dish if you ever try Wooden Bowl out :)

Spicy noodle with mixed seafood $13
Mr.Wjt, Mr,Us and Mr.A ordered the Black bean noodle (Jajangmyun), it tasted rather siilar to Arisun in my opinion and they serve it not as hot as usual. Which got a complain from Mr.wjt. Now I realized, he's quite critical on his foods ;p It was good though but not better than Arisun's.

Jajangmyun $10
We also ordered the Soy Fried Chicken but unfortunately to my disappointment, the taste didn't deliver. the chicken was quite bland and the sauce was not thick and sticky enough to coat the chicken ;p

Soy Fried Chicken $29
Bebski ordered the Chicken on rice with the black bean sauce. Just the way he likes it cause he don't really like noodle and here they have the black bean sauce with rice which is perfect for him. The fried rice was fragrant and delish!

Jajang Bap $13
Mr.P ordered Seafood Noodle Soup which was very very bland haha! After tasting the jajangmyun and the spicy noodle, the soup tasted like water. he ended up adding soy cause to the soup ;p

Seafood Noodle Soup $13
Overall, it was a good chance to try out this place. Knowing that Arisun's Jajangmyun is still the best give me a bit of relieve, so I don't have to travel far to Strathfield for Jajangmyun ;p I do recommend the spicy noodle and kang poong ki here!

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  1. I was really expecting to see a wooden bowl or two. lol. The kang pung ki looks super tasty!


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