Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cafe Bello, Burwood

Cafe Bello located on the ground floor of Burwood Westfield offered a wide range of foods from light meals, heavy fix through to desserts and cakes. I got the chance to try the place out for breakfast together with Mr.P and Mr.W. It was so hard looking for a breakfast place that opens on New years eve but thank God Cafe Bello is opened early in the morning. 

We were greeted by a friendly smile and seated almost immediately. Flipping through the menu again and again cause they got a lot to choose from and it was always the hardest decision to make; which dish should I get, which one is popular, will that worth the price I pay, will the portion fill me up, etc!

So to make things easier, we ordered the drinks first. Mr.W ordered the Mocha Frappe - Fresh coffee and chocolate blended with ice cream and milk, a perfect drink to satisfied the thirst from the hot weather outside! 

Mocha Frappe $5.90
For me, I got the Guava Juice, freshly prepared juice. It's not too sweet and definitely refreshing!

Guava Juice $3.90
Getting on with the foods, Mr.W ordered the B.E.L.T - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and relish on Turkish bread with a fried egg. A simple sandwich with definitely bulky fillings! Portion was generous and when it can filled Mr.W tummy up, then it's huge enough to fill everyone else's ;p

B.E.L.T $10.90
I got the Egg Montreal - Poached egg and smoked salmon on english muffins with Hollandaise sauce. I'm not a fan of muffin so I can the kind waiter to swap the muffin with sourdough ;p The eggs were perfectly cooked and the salmon was fresh, it was pretty and yummy enough to make Mr.P jealous of my food ;p

Egg's Montreal $17.90
And a Big Breakfast for Mr.P with egg of your choice, and everything else that you can see from the pictures ;p He was complaining at first that the portion was pretty small considering the price, but as he goes through the plate, he then admitted that it was really filling!

Big Breakfast $20.90
Overall, we were really satisfied with the foods, with the service and the atmosphere of the place. I will definitely be back for their crepes and cakes!!

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