Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Concrete Jungle, Central Park

A newly opened cafe that worth visiting especially for the outstandingly scrumptious hotcakes! 
Yes it may looked like Harry's and rumor has it, the chef from Harry's owned the place :)

Went with two other friends on a weekday and boy the place was swarming with customers and almost in every table they order the blue magik bowl! I'm really keen to try and of course take some photos for my instagram feed ;P

The only savory dish that I got is the House Smoked Salmon with slow cooked egg, avocado puree, crisp[y potato, pear and greens. All kind of texture in a plate from crunch, chewy, salty and creamy. Delish!!

So Blue Magik made of blue algae powder blended with bananas, blueberries, blackberries and topped with coconut flakes and crunchy buckwheat in it and I especially loves the crunch from it and I think it brings the dish to another level and made it different to the other smoothie bowl.

The Blueberry and Lemon Hotcakes is one of the popular dish here. Fluffy and crisp edges are indications of perfect hotcakes!  The toppings and Blueberry ricotta cream just complement the hotcakes perfectly well. Plus it looks so damn pretty and it is almost effortless to take a good shot of it.

Would definitely be back to try the other dishes. Service are superb as well!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

La Floraison, Regent Place

Recently opened pretty and bright dessert place in the lower ground of Regent Place in Sydney City. When you enter the place, it's like u're entering a magical garden full of flowers and pretty little stuff decorating the ceilings and the surrounding dining area.

I went here with my Uni friends on our last day of the semester and I kept on getting this post in my insta feed about 3D coffee printing and very keen to do one of my pic! Unfortunately when I got there, they said something was with the machine and they can't do new customize photo, so I get to pick some pre-uploaded photos in their system. Which I don't mind at all, getting both cute Stitch and Pikachu on mine :)

To be honest, this place is just looks good. And it's the end of it. The coffee takes forever to make, which is okay if the taste is worthed, but, for me it really tasted powdery like they've used powdered ones.

On top of that, there is nothing special about the dessert. Well the Taro Crepes is good, I can give them that. The rest, the Red Velvet cake is alright, the Macaron barely got any flavors besides sugar, the Agar tasted like water and the worst is the Unicorn Cupcake. Yes do are damn cute and pretty but it is literally vanilla sponge decorated cupcake and it cost $17 (comnbo with any hot drink), seriously? $11 for a cupcake? That's too much I think >.<

Will I come back? Sorry to say but probably not #isayitlikeitis

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Homemade Brunch -- Why not ;P

On one random night, My sister, My future sis in law and I were sitting together in the dining room and we were thinking to do our own "brunch foods", not sure where this thinking came from cause clearly weekends especially Sunday is our brunch day and we are usually too lazy to mess up the kitchen!

We planned what to make that night, and on Sunday morning, my sis woke up and ask whether we're still going to do this >.<" hahaha. makin sure laziness didnt stop us ;p

Ok, first up is our creation of Berry Smoothie Bowl! topped with chia seeds, kiwi berries, blueberries, granola and banana! Even the hubby loved it, even though he's not a fan of smoothie bowl usually tee hee

The second one is probably my fave.. Garlic herb Sauteed Mushroom on Ciabatta and Fluffy Truffle oil Scrambled egg <3

Next is Miso Honey Salmon on Quinoa chickpea salad with corn, capsicum, mix leaves and garlic dressing!

And to end the meal, the FsiL made this colourful waffle with Green tea ice cream and drizzled with toasted dessicated coconut. Perfect!

So there goes our creation of a perfect sunday brunch! We did made a mess in the kitchen and it probably took us 2hours from prep to finish foods plus photo shoot! haha. And as usual, its all finished in just under 45mins!

But great time well spent with the sissy poos :)

Grain Bakery, Zetland

I came to notice this Organic bakery on my way to 5th earl in Rosebery. Grain Bakery baked their breads daily on site and you can literally smell the goodness coming out from that place. I always came here to get their croissant cause for me the best croissant is when its flaky and buttery on the outside and chewy and layered perfectly inside. And I'm so glad to announce that I've met my perfect croissant here in Sydney after going through heaps of bakery and cafe in search for the best croissant similar to Agathe in Melbourne.

So last Wednesday, the hubby and I decided to grab a quick breakfast here. I tried their Reubens on Rye. I fell in love with this simple sandwich! The fresh rye sourdough is so perfect covering those thick and generously portioned corned beef, oozing cheese with sauerkraut and pickles! Best combo everrrr :)

Below are the pic of my FAVE croissant in Sydney!!!

Worth a visit guys! A good bakery/cafe just need a perfect bread and they are settled!

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Kafeine, Balmain (3rd Visit)

For the third timer I travel to Balmain just to visit Kafeine :) This time me and me foodie friends are invited by the lovely Mr.L (Owner of Kafeine) to taste their new menus. My review below are honest and I'm not saying its delicious just because Im invited :p

From left: Pomegranate house made tea, Green smoothie and Coffee Tonic. Okay, lemme describe these drinks. The house made is very refreshing with a hint of those floral fruity flavour and not sweet. The Green Smoothie consist of Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, banana and blended with apple juice! Trust me, its very healthy and delish at the same time. Now the Coffee tonic is something different.. Its tonic water infused with cold drip and citrus. It is very interesting and it's my first time trying such drink, even though to be honest I'm not a fan hehe..

If you wonder what sorta dish shown in the pic below.. Lemme tell ya, proudly Indonesian ingredient: Tempeh, is the hero for this dish. Definitely for vegetarian/vegan option. The concept is like a san choy bow but with tofu and tempeh! Not sure if it's up on the menu or not, but definitely worth a try!

Green Smoothie Bowl - Quinoa, Muesli, chia, Coconut & Fresh fruit. Hmm... I think it smoothie itself need some flav punch, maybe bananas? It tasted pretty bland but fortunately the fresh fruit helps alot.

The Pulled Beef Potato hash is another dish that you must get! The slow cooked beef ribs are tender and juice with peas, bacon, poached egg and the scrumptious hollandaise sauce!

Twice Cooked Duck. Crispy skin and juicy meats. I literally drools over this right nowww!

Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Granola and Berries. Very profound earl grey note in it which we love! silky texture and nice crunch from the granola!

Crunchy French Toast - Fresh fruits, Maply syrup and Vanilla ice cream. Simple and yummy. But to me, Circa still serve the best french toast ;)

Definitely one of my fave cafe in Sydney and will come back very very soon for their latest menu update~ !!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Smoking Gun bagel, Woolloomooloo

My photo didn't do any justice for this very scrumptious bagels~! Couldn't believe Sydney has this hidden gem in Woolloomooloo!!

I highly recommend this place for a great variety of bagels.. and I'd say come early cause they run out pretty quickly especially the popular ones!

Personally, I don't have any fave cause I loveeee all of them!!

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ChirChir, Burwood

You should check the area where Chirchir is located. Burwood is a definite new foodie destination soon! Chirchir is located quite away from the junction but in this area, there are an array of new developing asian restaurant that has been swarming with people and worth to check out!

Back to Chirchir, the one thing that everyone got their instagram story is this cheesy lava on fried chicken!

The spicy chicken is not spicy, it's pretty sweet and not suiting for my palate. but some of my friend actually liked it.

For me, the Garlic chicken in the best hands down! Even better than the one with cheese :)

The unfortunate thing is may be it's still pretty new, but service can be quite slow and the portion is pretty small compare to other Korean fried chicken place anywhere else..

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