Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cuppa flower, Waterloo

I currently live in Mascot and below the apartment there is this cute lil' cafe selling coffee and flowers. I always wonder what kind of foods they serve and unfortunately they just some pastries and smoothie bowl.

I've seen some post about another cafe with the same name but different location. I looked into it and apparently they are owned by the same owner but this one in Waterloo has all sort of dishes offered in the menu.

So I went to give it a go after seeing so many pretty pictures from the place and especially those cute Totoro black sesame and green tea sponges. 

We got the Cuppa Flower Special Rice Noodle and we got the choice of pork or beef. I chose beef. For $16.50 you got a decent portion for 1. Asian inspired taste, al dente noodle and flavoursome broth! I highly recommend everyone to try them!

For the dessert, I really want to try their Taro mille crepe, but that time they only have the Earl Grey Crepes which in my opinion tasted more black sesame than Earl Grey. Also for the Matcha Swiss roll which I love, fluffy and a profound matcha note and Black sesame sponge which has a good texture but unfortunately the black sesame note has gone baked away -.-"

Apparently my foodie friend agreed with me and he also said that the sponges tasted like nothing but the swiss roll, with the help of the cream helps with the flavs :)

I would recommend this place a visit. I would like to come back and try their savory dish cause their linguine Al Funghi seems divine!!

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