Thursday, June 15, 2017

Homemade Brunch -- Why not ;P

On one random night, My sister, My future sis in law and I were sitting together in the dining room and we were thinking to do our own "brunch foods", not sure where this thinking came from cause clearly weekends especially Sunday is our brunch day and we are usually too lazy to mess up the kitchen!

We planned what to make that night, and on Sunday morning, my sis woke up and ask whether we're still going to do this >.<" hahaha. makin sure laziness didnt stop us ;p

Ok, first up is our creation of Berry Smoothie Bowl! topped with chia seeds, kiwi berries, blueberries, granola and banana! Even the hubby loved it, even though he's not a fan of smoothie bowl usually tee hee

The second one is probably my fave.. Garlic herb Sauteed Mushroom on Ciabatta and Fluffy Truffle oil Scrambled egg <3

Next is Miso Honey Salmon on Quinoa chickpea salad with corn, capsicum, mix leaves and garlic dressing!

And to end the meal, the FsiL made this colourful waffle with Green tea ice cream and drizzled with toasted dessicated coconut. Perfect!

So there goes our creation of a perfect sunday brunch! We did made a mess in the kitchen and it probably took us 2hours from prep to finish foods plus photo shoot! haha. And as usual, its all finished in just under 45mins!

But great time well spent with the sissy poos :)

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