Monday, August 10, 2015

Five Points Burger, North Sydney

There are a lot of post on Burgers recently in my Instagram Feed and it seriously got me drooling over a good one. I've done my research and Five Points Burger became my choice to fulfil my cravings. Why five points? Apparently Mr.P works 2 mins away from the place and I gotta a day off work on a weekday, so yea.

I arrived at the place 11:30AM, it wasn't as crowded as he described it to me. So I waited for his lunch break while reading my Business Law textbook in a park nearby.
The clock hits noon and I met Mr.P just in front of the place and I got so surprised seeing the crowd lining for their lunch.

How it works here is you order and pay at the counter and then wait for your name to be called and then you get your seat ;p

I looked at the menu, they don't have much choice which is good. I was thinking of getting the chicken instead cause I know Mr.P will definitely get the beef. But! The star Burger is the Beef so I thought I'm not getting the "usual" after a long way from home.

Mr.P said the burger is not too big and so I decided to order one for myself and I got another one for Bebski cause I know he lovessss beef burger!

They call it The BRONX - Grilled beef Patty, Double Cheese, Onion jam, Pickles, Tomato Sauce, American Mustard, Bacon and Iceberg Lettuce.

The Bronx $12.5
Super Tender and Juicy patty complimented by gthe crispy bacon and cheesy goodness plus the crisp lettuce and the fluffy buns, Its just a perfection in one nite! I did not regret my decision for getting one just for myself. haha! I really really love the buns hereeee and I love how they provide Sri Racha sauce for the chips!

O yeaaa I got the Beer Battered chips as well for $4. Wanted to try the coleslaw as well but they didn't have it that time.

For Bebski, of course, one patty isn't enough and so I double the trouble with another beef patty for an extra $3. It looks humongous and really really mouthwatering. I really recommend to try this place out. Even though the queue can be crazy especially during lunch rush, but do come before 12 and ordered the bronx!

In my next visit with bebski, I would definitely buy triple meats and cheese and bacon! hahaha ;p

It's so good!

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  1. Their bronx burger is my favourite! One of my top favourite burgers in Sydney!

  2. hehe i love my burgers with a double patty but woah triple patty sounds hectic


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