Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gourmet Tofu, Kingsford

Living in Kingsford is so exciting. Apart from being close to my uni which is UNSW, It also have a lot of restaurant to choose from. Even though it mostly is Chinese and Indonesian food, there is a "hidden" small Korean restaurant run by a Korean husband and wife on the second floor of a small building along Anzac parade. There are no other waiter than the Hubby and the Wife is the cook.

When we got the menu, they only have a set menu of approx $20 each meal or a choice of korean hotpot that are around $40 to share

The food took a long time to be served and my advise if you woul like to try the food to come in off-peak hour :P

Set menu consist of: Rice on a stone pot, Yukgaejang (tofu soup with eggs and some beef) and the stir-fried of your choice
they have chilli chicken, chilli pork, spicy octopus or combination meat.

Chilli octopus meal $20
 I must say though, the Banchan here is so delish! My first visit we can ask for a refill for the bacnhan, but when I visited the second time, the husband said that there can was no more refill for banchan which is quite surprising as kroean restaurant usually provides refill.. T.T

Despite the no-refill policy and the long waiting time, I would definitely come back just to taste the delicious food and besides, it is the closest Korean restaurant we got in the neighbourhood :P

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