Monday, February 18, 2013

Sushi Tengoku, Kensington

Sunday, 17th Feb 2013

I only have been to this place once when I was still in my first year of Uni which was in 2008. My indo friend introduce me to this place. But looking at the price for a portion of california roll of $14, I have never come back since then ;P Don't get me wrong though, the taste is so good and the sushi is enormous. Its just that its too pricey for student like me before :p

Until one of my brother's friend who know that owner really well that he always got a deal from the owner.
Every last Sunday of the month, the owner will allow a $20 buffet per person for a minimum of 10 people. Finding 10 people to have a sushi buffet in Tengoku for that price is so easy! So tonight I am one of the lucky ones :) The eating order is that we just have to sit and wait for the food to come. We can't order anything but we only just have to eat whatever the owner gave out. But believe it me, it was a never ending food coming out! Until we have to take away some!!

Brace yourself for the photos below! Dont be jealous ;P

California roll


Agedashi Tofu

Creamy baked scallop and fish! yummy!
Baked scallop and Fish
This was one of my favourite! but beware though, it is litterally a volcano! the inside of this sushi is really hot! hot not spicy :)
Volcano Roll

Karage Chicken

Chicken Udon

Mixed salad (Avocado, crabstick, cucumber, eggs and tomato
I am a tamago lover and I must say, Tengoku has the BEST BEST TAMAGO ever! I can never get bored of eating this!!!

Salmon Aburi
Another one of my favourite dish here is the Chirashi sushi.. A combination of salmon, eggs, veggies on rice, top with Japanse mayo and blow torched! yuuum!!
Chirashi Sushi
Unfortunately, the owner does not offer the $20 buffet anymore so I guess I have to come back as the sushis here are amazing! Especially the volcano, chirashi and tamago!!

Highly Recommended!

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