Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everest Kitchen, Marrickville

The first time I tried Nepalese food is when my Manager in Subway brought homemade momo or Nepalese dumplings for me to try. It was quite an experienced. The filling of the dumpling got masala spices in it wrap in a wonton sheet and u dip it in some kind of a peanut sauce.. But despite that sounds-odd combinations, I loveeee it!! Ive been wanting to try other Nepalese but has never got the chance... My bf is not keen on indian/nepalese food so it's hard for me to persuade him. UNTIL..... I found a all-u-can-eat deal from Ouffer.
Traditional Non-Vegetarian Nepalese Set
buffalo dumplings, char-grilled goat, grilled chicken salad, soy bean salad, beaten rice and potato salad
Main Courses
Potato & Bamboo Shoot Curry
potato and bamboo shoots tempered in light curry sauce, flavoured with Nepalese herbs and spices

Mixed Grill
a tantalising selection of succulent chicken, pork, duck, goat and lamb
Gulab Jamun
milk dumplings soaked in rosewater-infused syrup
Apparently what we got is quite different from what offered on the main courses. We only have a choice of a curry (lamb/pork/chicken/beef) but we never got the mixed grill :(
THe mixed entree was probably our favourite dish of the night ^^ The potato curry, chicken salad, momo, everything is yummy! And the plate looks so colorful tooo :)
Mixed entree
 Can;t get enough of this momo so we ordered 2 more round of this hehehee!
 Chicken curry - The Curry tste is similar to Indian curry but milder to my pallet. It is nice to eat with warm steam rice :) We decided not to go for seconds as we were getting full hehe..
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Papadums and chilli
 Milk dumpling infused with rose water. Reading the name I thought it would have some kind of chewiness as a dumpling but to my disappointment, the texture is like biting to a rice ball ;P I quite like the rice pudding at the bottom though :)
Gulab Jamun
OVerall dining, good to know what Nepalese food taste like.. Will I be back? hmmm.. Maybe I would like to taste momo in other Nepalese restaurant.. But I need to wait for the next voucher deal or persuade my sister to come with me ;P

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