Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kellys Bar & Grill

I always go to Hurricane almost every time we are craving for a sumptuous meal of pork ribs. Mr.EN told me that he prefer Kellys over Hurricane... I never believed him and so I went wid Bebski for our Monthniversary..
We arrived that it was still quite empty.. and we looked at the menu and decided that we have to try both the ribs and the steak..
For starter, they gave us warm homebake bread which was really soft and fluffy complemented by the creamy butter.. can't get enough of this bread but remembering that we still have a feast coming so we held ourselves :p
Complimentary Bread
Then our main came...
Bebski got the 500g rump steak and it comes with chips (by his choice) and deep fried onion rings :) The steak was cooked to what we asked for and it has that grilled flavour notes that ure looking for in a good steak! I must admit it was better than hurricane :)

My main came.. I ordered the combo steak and Ribs.. Pardon me, I dont eat everything.. we share the ribs as we just want to judge if it is really better than hurricane :) 

The Verdict? Mehh... Hurricane is still the one serving the best pork ribs for me! The steak though is better in Kellys! :) Overall dining experience... It was a lovely dinner, great service and good food.. Just order the steak as my recommendation :)
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