Monday, April 13, 2015

O-San Ramen, Chinatown

Another Ramen contender opened up in Chinatown area. I've been eyeing a lot of picture posted about this shop since I was still in Jakarta last month and their Black Garlic Ramen has been the superstar. So I went to try this place out with my foodie troops Mr.P, Mr.Wjt, Mr.M and Mr.Us :)

Mr.Us got this Pork rice ball to start with, it was quite huge for a snack and got generous amount of diced pork inside. The rice itself has quite a bit of taste so it's not totally bland.

Pork Rice Ball
Mr.Wjt ordered the Sumo Ramen which got both Pork and Chicken soup and also comes with 2 pcs of Pork Kakuni. The bowl is humongous! Mr.Wjt do has a huge appetite ;p Apparently to his disappointment, the sumo ramen was full of beansprout instead of the noodle. But the pork was delish according to him, I did try a bit of the lean part but he said the fat was the source of flavour hehe..

Sumo Ramen $12.80
Mr.M ordered the Shallot Tonkotsu Ramen - Pork based soup ramen which does live up to its name, heaps of shallot in the bowl (my worst enemy in foodie world). I can't comment much on this, sorry ;p

Shallot Tonkotsu Ramen $11.80
Mr.Us and I did the research and ordered the famous Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen - with a rich garlicky pork broth. The depth of the flavour was profound and I did add extra mushrooms and seaweed sheets to my bowl and add a lottt of chilli powder that the broth became thicker. yuum! I do recommend the Black Garlic Ramen over the rest! Forgot to mention the tender pork in that bowl, delishhh ~~

Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen $10.80
Mr.P ordered a bowl of ramen but it seems that it doesn't fill his tummy yet so he decided to ordered the Pork Belly Rice Bowl.. I'm not a fan of gooey fatty stuff so I can't comment much on this as well but Mr.P said the pork was really juicy and flavoursome. I bet bebski would love this bowl!

Pork Belly Rice Bowl $6
So the verdict for this ramen shop -- taste is good but not great for me. I still prefer Gumshara and Zundo :)

O-San Ramen on Urbanspoon

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