Monday, September 28, 2015

Milliore Korean Fusion Restaurant, Capitol Square

It's been awhile since I visited this place lonnggg time ago.. Bebski suggested for us to have dinner here one Saturday night cause he told me how good the Ox Tongue was when he went there for lunch. Apparently, they have slightly different menu between lunch and dinner :)

So there were 4 of us dining and on a Saturday night, the place wasn't too busy ... Usually Milliore wasn't my go to Korean but I thought its been a long time so might as well have it ago again..

The banchan came and we immediately consumed them as we were too starving that night! I love the potatoes as usual, but the fish cake wasn't the best Ive had.

For starter, I ordered the Potato Pancake. The first time that I knw about the existence of this yummy dish is from a Korean Reality Show 'Family Outing' with Lee Hyori making the mouth drooling potato pancake!

I've made this many times at home, just want to try it directly in the restaurant and it's sooo goodddd, even though it can be more greasy than when it is made it at home :)

We didn't go for the Hotpot, I wonder why, we ordered Spicy Tofu soup instead. Like most of spicy tofu soup in other Korean restaurant, it has a generous filling and the tofu was soo smooth and silky!

Other dish that we ordered is the Spicy pork belly and Squid Stirfry, This dish seems appealing but apparently it tasted quite bland :( I was expecting it'll be placed on a sizzling hotpot like the one I had in Dae Jang Gum... But yeah. so unfortunate ... Should've ordered bossam instead >.<

The only thing that made me agree to come back to milliore!! The Galbi Jim. The short rib beef bone soup, it was amazingg. hands down the best I've tried so far in Sydney! The meat fell off the bone and still juicy and the soup are just flavoursomeeeee :) I would definitely come here just to have this with steamed rice :)

Even though it wasn't the best Korean eating place, I would definitely come back for the ox tongue, I also wanted to try the Japchae, bossam and other dishes as well. They offered more variety of Korean dishes than other place. So maybe that night I just ordered the wrong stuff ;)

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