Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ho Jiak, Starthfield


Ho Jiak, recently opened inside Strathfield Plaza offers a Hawker Style experience with their mini dining area and a delicious authentic Penang taste in every plates.

I went there with my foodie troops a couple months back

The foods there are well priced and the portion was good as well. To start with, there is nothing better than Penang Chee Cheong Fun. Steamed Rice Roll with Tofu Skin, Fish Balls and Sweet Black Sauce. Love the sweet sauce! And a great start to begin the meals.

Chee Chong Fun $7.80
Next to come is the Bah kut Teh. Pork spare Ribs, Pork Belly and Deep Fried tofu cooked in a Chinese Herbal Soup. The soup is lighter in colour than the one I had in Penang but the taste itself is really good and not too herby as might be offensive to some people. Bakut teh that night was one of the favourite among us..

Bah Kut Teh $13.80
 And the must order whenever you visited Penang or Penang-food restaurant is their Char Kwey teow. With a nice smoky wok aroma and chewy rice noodle is the perfect sign that this is legit stuff! Cooked with cockles, lap tjeong, prawns and egg! I did add a bit more soy sauce and chilli to it cause i love my food salty and spicy ;p

Char Kuey teow $12.80
Nasi Pattaya is Malaysian Fried Rice inside Omelette almost like Omurice in Japan but this one is more complex in terms of flavour in my opinion. Almost every table got this dish and yeah, it tasted amazing ;) It looks simple but hey it's really hard to make a perfect fried rice without ready made paste, in my opinion :)
Nasi Pattaya $12.80
Another fried rice that night but the special thing about this one is the Sambal Durian. Yes ladies and gentlement, there is a hint of Durian inside that chilli paste and I love it. It tasted pretty weird on the first bite cause who put durian in chillies right, but it actually is a good combination after all.

Harmee - Penang Prawn Noodle soup is my personal favourite! Rich broth with perfectly cooked noodle, fresh prawns and sliced of pork belly with boiled egg and fried shallot! You just have to try them. No words to explain ;P I also did put heaps of belacan sambal in it. Yuum

Harmee - $12.80
Overall, I love their foods! We ate our heart out and we were sad cause we didn't get to try the Hainanese Chicken rice and did not get to taste their Michael Jackson. But that means, another reason to visit! The pic below shows how crazy we were, 6 of us and we bought that much, plus the Roti Canai with Chicken Curry that I didn't get to take photo cause we were too hungry and the foods were too precious just to be photo-ed and stared ;P

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