Monday, April 7, 2014

Anthony's Crepe, Albury

After having our lunch in The Bended Elbow and although our tummy is about to explode, we still can't resist the temptation of Anthony's crepes that I've looked online through Urbanspoon. We don't have any other time to visit Anthony's crepes except that Friday afternoon.

When we arrived, the place was pretty plain, with white walls and bright white light. It does not give the vibe of a crepe cafe with dim orange light. We were greeted by the lovely French Hubby-Wifey that is the owner of that place. The wife is responsible to make up the crepes nd the Husband was the wait staff and make coffee :)

Even though our tummies are on the verge of eruption, we managed to order two dhishes T.T As the menu was appetizing and we are really keen to have crepes for a while now.
So I got the new menu - L' Elegante, which consisted of crepes filled with melted dark chocolate, orange pieces and vanilla ice cream.

L' Elegante $14.50

All I can say is Delicieux! The crepes is chewy, has a good bite to it, its everything I expected in a perfect crepes! It was a big portion too, It was difficult for me to finish it :( The vanilla ice cream complimented the crepes and dark chocolate really well :) I wish I can find a good crepes in Sydney too T.T

For Bebski, just a plain Nutella Crepes with Banana will do. Every time there is Nutella in the menu, be it crepes or even coffee, he always get them!
Nutella Crepe $10.50

Still a perfect crepe with Hazelnut nutella spread and pieces of banana on top, served with a dollop of cream :) Yummy enough to satisfied Bebski kekeke...

The Menu

I Highly Highly Recommend anyone who come across Albury, Must visit Anthony's Crepe! It was a really good crepe for me :)

Anthony's Crepe Cafe on Urbanspoon

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