Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ben's Thai, Kingsford

101 with fried rice. For those people who are a regular customer in this place will definitely know what it means :) Ben's thai is a small restaurant that serves good food at a good price and a great portion! Their lunch special is $8 and their dinner price is $9.

The restaurant is run by a guy which I think is the owner and 4 other ladies :) When u come in to Ben's Thai, you will always hear the tossing of foods in the wok. As though as they never stop cooking

The place itself is pretty small, it can only occupied approximately 20 people. The biggest table they have can only take up 6 people and that also u will be seating pretty tight to each other :)

Visited Ben's Thai on Tuesday night on a cold rainy weather. Bebski was so hungry that now he only eat once a day so he needed a big meal for sure. I suggested to dine in Ben's Thai considering their portion! And so we went... There was a couple of people eating in but their takeaways, God, literally the phone keep ringing for orders! But not to worry, they cook real fast too!

Yes, Unfortunately, you need to be loaded with cash to dine here. They don't accept card :)
I think for those of you who doesn't eat that much, 1 portion can be nicely fill each of you up ^^

Every time we visited Ben's Thai, we always always got the tomyum fried rice with chicken extra spicy. And boy, They really know what spicy means!
Tomyum Fried Rice Extra Spicy $9
Oops, the picture looks unappealing.. As Bebski ordered the dish with no veggies. Another thing about this place, when u ordered no veggies, they will give you bigger portion of the rice :) The tomyum is not overpowering but it provides a nice flavour to the meal and the chicken is well marinated too.

For me, I got the Pad See Ew which is the thick rice noodle with egg and sweet soy sauce. What I love from the pad see ew here is that it has the wok smoky aroma and flavour! For me, the beef is better seasoned that the chicken, so do try the beef in the pad see ew! :)
Pad See Ew Beef $9
As it was a cold night, I thought Tom Yum Soup is good one to order. The soup has a good tom yum flavour, and what I love the most is the generous amount of mushrooooommmssss ^^... There is bits of cut up red chilli which upgrade the soup to a whole other level (in my opinion). The let down is that the chicken that they use here is the thigh with some fats on it T.T
Tom yum Soup Chicken $6.50
OK, I save the best for last. Remember the 101 with fried rice that I mentioned earlier? Now let me unveil the secret muahaha.. 101 is the number of the dish in the menu list which is Crispy fried chicken with rice. But, with an extra $1 u can upgrade your rice to fried rice and this has been Ben's Thai favourite dish! My brother order this a lot til every time he enter Ben's Thai, the owner always remembered his order and say "101 with fried rice, no veggies?" hahah!

101 with fried rice $10
There it is .. the glorious food ;P the chicken is battered and deep fried to perfection. Served with sweet chilli sauce and again the fried rice has a good old wok aroma ^^ This is a must try dish! Next time I'll try ordering 101 with tom yum fried rice... Gosh, that must be epic! hehe

Overall, Ben's Thai served great food with great price and the owner is really friendly too. They cook very fast and need to remember, they are CLOSED on Mondays

Dear Reader,
What's your favourite Thai place that serve cheap and good food?

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  1. The Pad Thai is very nice as well... During my days in uni, usually I ordered pad thai or 101 with fried rice.


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