Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beschico, Epping

The hunt for Korean Fried Chicken starts when I heard some of my friends said that there are alot of Korean restaurant now in sydney that offers yummier chicken than Arisun's.. So I was curious and started looking up some new "hot spot" for korean fried chicken.. 

Apparently Beschico came up on my search and one saturday, we were thinking of getting the Multi Day Pass ticket to travel around sydney suburbs for culinary.. Epping was one of the suburb in our journey list ^^

When we first enter, it was pretty empty. We were there around 4PM, so its not really dinner time yet too late for lunch. The atmosphere inside the cafe is laid back, with some table with comfy sofas. Korean MV was playing in the TV. We were seated in a Diner-like Table (we need the proper table to feast ;P)

The popcorn was complimentary and you could ask for more if you like :) My brother persuade us to order Soju.. as we don't usually drink alcohol. But today was exception, as we are not driving, so why not ^^

Even though most Koreans eat Chicken by drinking beer , we make Soju Bombs instead.. The idea is pouring soju into the shot glass and filling a beer glass half full and just drop the shot bottle into it and voila - there goes your BOMBS :)

                                            Fries with dipping sauces to accompany our chicken :)

                                                           Half-half chicken (deep fried & Gochujang Sauce)

Verdicttt.... our favourite is the crispy fried ones over the gochujang ones.. It is perfectly fried with crunchy crust and moist meat inside.. Half is definitely not enough for the 4 of us.. But oh well, it was a day full of eating anyway so we're okay with that portion :) One more restaurant ticked from my wishlist ^^

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