Saturday, September 13, 2014

Piccolo Me ( Mini Post ), Sydney CBD

Visited Piccolo Me almost immediately after brunching in Kepos st kitchen ;p Even though we were too full, Mr.P and I managed to order 2 desserts here hehe! There are 3 Piccolo Me in total, 2 in the City area and one up North. I visited the one in Bridge st near Wynyard Station.

The reason for my visit last Thursday was because they only open during weekdays, so don't really have any more chance next week! The place is pretty spacey and inviting!

A closer look at the counter. Focusing on the beautiful fruit and herbs infused water :)

One of the thing that I would like to try here is the Nutella Iced Coffee but unfortunately they ran out of it that day T.T So I'm left with Nutella Bomb and Thankfully I saw this Nutella-gato menu on the board sign!

The Nutellagato came with 2 scoops of Nutella Ice cream, a shot of Coffee in the Syringe and sides of Almond and Chocolate Flakes. How u do the magic? Mix Everything!! I don't really like sweet stuff but this is an exception! The combination of the aromatic coffee with the ice cream and the crunchiness provided by the nuts is just mind-blowingly yummy! Definitely will bring Bebski back here!

I was a Nutella Bomb Virgin so I had totally no idea what it is nor I have enough time to look it up online. So when the waitress asked me whether I want coffee in my Nutella Bomb, I said no cause I thought I've ordered the Nutellagato with coffee in it ;p So what came to me was a glass of warm milk with a block of Nutella on a stick and chocolate flakes along with a small card on how to enjoy the Nutella Bomb!

Put the Nutella Block for 1min before stirring it completely, then lick off the leftover Nutella on the stick, mix in the flakes and enjoy!

My first sip, again it reminded me immediately to Bebski. I knew that he will lovvvveeee this one as well! He's a huge Nutella fan! Nutella Bomb is not my favourite cause the Hazelnut-y note of the Nutella was quite strong in my opinion.. Maybe it's better if I have it with the coffee instead of just milk :)
Regardless, I will definitely be back to Piccolo me! Want to try the Iced Rose and Lemon drink ~~ :)


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