Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Basak & Pumpkin House, Strathfield

Mr.M told me about the existence of this new Korean Snack spot in Strathfield. I managed to try it out last Sunday with Bebski and Mr.P using the $2.50 all day Opal card thingy! So excited that we can travel just for one price hehe.. 
I tried to look up for their address, but it seems that nothing came up, not even listed in Urbanspoon and when I asked the waitress their address, she herself didn't know ;p 

The place itself is not very big, it can only accommodate approx 10-15 people. They serve only Korean snacks such as dokbukki, sundae, kimbap and other fried stuffs.

They also have a self-serve section where there are all the cutleries, water bottles and also deep fried tempura batter for the Dokbukki and chopped up spring onions.

You can choose the level of spiciness of the Dokbukki, ranging from 'mild' to 'mostly spicy'. Without Mr.P consent, I picked the level 3 which is Extremely spicy ;p Oops! It turned out not as spicy I thought it would be. It definitely had that spiciness but it's not as extreme as the Bul Dak in Madang :) What I love from the Dokbukki is that it's as if the rice cake itself is freshly made. It has the perfect chewiness and softness. The only thing that can be improved I think is the amount of fish cakes ;p LIterally, there were only 5-6 small slices of fish cake ;(

Dokbukki $8
I also tried sundae for the first time. Sundae is a pork sausage filled with sweet rice and sweet potato vermicelli noodle and is really popular among the Koreans. It is served with pork liver and also a mixture of salt, pepper and chilli powder on the sides. It's not bad at all :) I would love to try sundaes in other Korean restaurants now.

Sundae $10
 Here comes the highlight of the meal! The Kimbap! It may take awhile for it to arrive but trust me, it's worth the wait! The kimbaps are huggeeee and as you can see from the pic, the rice layer is so thin and the fillings are generous!

A closer look to the kimbap, I actually ordered 2 types, below is the Spicy pork Kimbap which also filled with eggs, crab sticks, cucumber, pickles, and heaps of carrot; which is why Bebski can't eat them, so more for me and Mr.P hihihi

Spicy pork Kimbap $9
The Pork Cutlet Kimbap has similar fillings and has the same level of yumminess as the spicy pork kimbap! But Mr.P and me personally loves the spicy pork more than the cutlet :)

Pork Cutlet Kimbap $8
 The price of the foods are reasonable I think and the portion are pretty generous as well. I would love try their cream cheese kimbap and udon next time! Do try this place out guys, it's located just across Saigon Bowl restaurant, the only Vietnamese restaurant in Strathfield (I think)  ;p

Strathfield is one of my favourite Suburb in Sydney! I adore Korean foods, any kind of it.. There are definitely a lot of restaurants there that I need to visit. But after "snacking" in The Basak, we decided to have something sweet. And for a hot day like last Saturday, well quite hot, what better than a bowl of Patbingsu to share! Found this place called "Pumpkin" / "House of Pumpkin" on Albert rd, there's literally no other cafes around this place. It's not even located in the crowded place ;p

Quite a unique exterior and outdoor setting that leads us into it.. :) There were a few locals enjoying their lunch and dessert-ing.. ^^ MR.P told me that the place got busy towards night.

They have various size of the Patbingsu from coffee mug size until the jumbo size! I ordered the King Boy size which feed the three of us nicely. The patbingsu also comes with fruit slices of kiwi, strawberries and canned apricots., drizzled with condensed milk and also not to forget the crunchy cereals :)

King Boy Patbingsu $13.50
 Interested to take pic of the spoons ;p

We also got Banana Mulla from the menu which basically is Banana Smoothie with almond pieces and caramel sauce in it. Surprisingly it's not as sweet as it sounds! The best thing is to mix it with the patbingsu ~~ ^^

Banana Mulla $8
That concludes my short trip to Strathfield and this is clearly not the end of my Starthfield journey :) I saw a new place at the corner of where The Basak is, a place called Mandu House which is my next Target! ^^

House of Pumpkin on Urbanspoon


  1. Lol House of the Pumpkin is such a cute name! And currently obsessed with patbingsu at the moment, so will def have to check this place out!

    1. U shud really check it out! PAtbingsu is perfect to this almost-warm weather :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is hey! And they still have a bigger size for $23.50! hehehe


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