Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

Cafe Cre Asion, located so hidden in the alley of Alberta st just next to Travelodge. This place is so small that didn't know its existence if its not thanks to other food bloggers that has found this gem. I came with bebski in the morning and the place was swarming with people coming and going for their coffee.

They serves all sort of goodies from Macarons, Muffins, Cookies, Light meals and the drinks.

Rumour has it their Macarons are better than Laduree / Zumbo's. Haven't try them yet but someday I will ;p

Another thing that they're famous for is their Green tea! Bebski got the Green Tea Latte which in my opinion has the purest green tea flavour! It's not too sweet, its still got a bit of the tea bitterness to it and the servings literally can feed 2 people. The mug was huge, its almost like a bowl of green tea. Bebski didn't really like it cause he was spoilt by the sweet green tea latte from Starbucks and Korean cafes haha

I got their Chai Latte which again not sweet at all, they provide the sugar separately which is a good thing so we can adjust the sweetness level. The Chai spice wasn't the best but it's not that bad :)

I was hungry that morning and the Asian style sandwich description in the menu board caught my eyes! Poached Chicken with with pickled asian mushrooms, zucchini, white sesame and wasabi mayo. The mushroom is my weakness! The fillings were generous and everything goes well with each other.  With chilli sauce, it would be a perfect sandwich hehe :)

Poached chicken sandwich $12

Bebski got the Matcha muffin which was moist and had a strong green tea note in it. Again, huge muffins in my opinion and its really worth the price :)

Would definitely be back to try their Macarons and cold drinks! I've read alot about their iced coffee with milk and ice green teaa... Can't wait to go back :) Service was quick and attentive too.

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  1. i love their strawberry milk macarons!

  2. Yeshh creasions macarons r d besttt ci! Perfect texture

  3. You should try the pulled pork and scrambled if you ever go back!


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