Friday, February 20, 2015

Tea Plus, Burwood

Tea plus, a taiwanese joint in Burwood. Got recommended by my bro's gf to try their Plant Milk Tea and apparently Mr.wjt live near the area so we went for dinner just before I go back to Indo,, Reached the place around 7pm, it was crowded but as usual, luckily, we got the last table available there.

Their snack and mains are pretty cheap and the drinks look very tempting, most of them! I really can't wait to try out their foods even though I was quite full that time,

So as recommended, I got the Plant Milk Tea, got the Taro one cause I loveeeeee Taro maybe more than Green tea now :) It came in a big jar but unfortunately it was too sweet for me that I can't finished the whole jar. The taro flavour was just right and the "soil" on top does enhance he drinkoing sensation :)
Taro Plant Milk Tea $5.80
The moment I read 'Tamago' on the menu, straight away I know I have to order that! I loveee tamagooooo :) But a bit of compromised need to be made in choosing the toppings considering mr.wjt is quite picky with his foods ;p I was looking at the Chicken and Mushroom Tamago cause for me anything with mushrooms will taste great! Unfortunately he doesnt like mushrooms but in the end, he gave in haha!

The Tamago wasn't as fluffy I thought it would be, but it tasted yummmmyy! It was topped with generous amount of mushrooms and chicken, drizzled with the sweet bbq sauce.

Chicken and Mushroomm Tamago $6.50
Mr. Wjt got the Pork Sauce Noodle , dry noodle in a bowl with a variety of toppings. Tasted a bit of the food but I still love the dish that I ordered hehe! Can't believe the price of the foods here cause the portion was so generous!!

Pork Sauce Noodle $9.80
I got the Beef Noodle Soup. The soup was rich with flavour, the beef so juicy and tender and I loveee the chewy noodle :) I love the pickled vegetable toppings in the bowl, providing extra texture to the bowl. I highly recommend it !!

Beef Noodle Soup $10.80
Overall, I was quite satisfied with the food and service here. Cheap price, generous portion and yummy foods that made this place never gets quite.. Missed the plant milk teaaaa :)

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  1. The plant teas are so cute aren't they? We love the tamago rolls too. So fluffy!


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