Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Choc Pot, Rosebery

I'm so excited to announce that The Choc Pot is now officially open in Roserbery as of today 26/11/15! I used to travel all the way to Burwood just for their dessert of the month, and now rest assured eastern suburban as we got a new chill out place in the area and they are open until 10PM.

So I got a chance to visit the place yesterday for Instafoodie meet up and we were given several dessert to sample from.

The location of the place itself is still quite hidden and they will be placing signs today. Good news is there are heaps of parking in the area and so it'll be convenient to visit this place. The dining is pretty spacey and they definitely got the spot for the best lighting of all the spaces in the lot. They also have an open kitchen so you can take a peep of what's happening inside there..

The first dessert to come to our table is the Double Dip Fondue for Two. Should I tempt you with a Pot of Melted Belgian Milk Chocolate, Strawberries, Banana, Homemade Marshmallows, The Choc pot's cheeky choc fudge brownies and then go dobule dip with crunchy wafer pieces, colourful sprinkles and toasted coconuts! :)

Fondue for two $25
 The next dessert is their Original Signature dessert - Molten Chocolate Fondant with oozing chocolate in the middle of the pot and served with fresh strawberries on the side. This one is the 'never-to-be-missed' when you visited TCP!

TCP Signature - Choc Fondant $12.50 
This pretty little thing caught everyone's attention yesterday! It looks amazing and the combination of all the components in there are just scrumptious. Honeycrumb Waffnut - two stacks of cinnamon waffnuts with rock salt caramel ice cream and crunchy biscuit topped with Belgian chocolate, salted caramel and a waffle cone top hat.

Honeycrumb Waffnut $16
The S'more Nuts is next which is TCP's homemade crispy waffles with nuts crumbles, drizzled of Belgian chocolate and also homemade Marshmallows. Would love it even better if they torch the marshmallows a bit for colour and taste ;p Some of the foodie thought it was feta cheese when they were brought to our table ;p But apart from that, I can't agree more to some of the foodies too that the combination of choc, nuts and waffles are just the best!

S'more Nuts $14
 I've been seeing a post from Choc Pot on Instagram about "Dessert Invader" or something.. and apparently this amazing pot right here is the Choc Pot Invader! Mango Fondant, Creamy Coconut centre and drizzle of White Chocolate. I think this is the star of the day and that also is why they giving it out the last of our meet up. As they say saving the best for the last and the mango fondant really does stuck on my mind and I'm definitely bringing my own foodie troops to TCP Rosebery soon!

The Choc Pot Invader $12.50
So after reading this post, what are you waiting for.. Go ahead and try the Invader urself :) Hope u enjoyed them as much as I do ^^
Ooh, and their address is 61-71 Mentmore Avenue.
Opening hours now is 11AM - 10PM Sunday - Tuesday

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