Monday, November 30, 2015

Hawker Lane, Chatswood

Last Sunday, I got an opportunity to visit the new eating spot in Chatswood called Hawker Lane where all the vendors specialize in authentic street food of Asia. Hawker lane can be accessed through Charlotte Lane off Anderson st which is a small lane filled with street food pop-ups and a backdrop of urban street art.. 

There were two pop-ups last Sunday. One is a French Crepe called Maboul and the other is a Hot Dog stall. Did't get to try them out as we were so fullll from sampling all the delicious signature dishes from Hawker Lane's vendor.

Upon entry to the place, I was greeted by a lady where I did my registration as I was invited and I was given this blue hand strap and she advise me to show that to every vendor to get their signature dish samples.

A welcome Coconut Dessert were given to me and Bebski as we walked in and the coconut dessert is no other than from Kayter Coco. The one and only specialized in Coconut dessert. As usual, the coconut were sooo refreshing and the sweets on top just a perfect way to end my massive meal here in hawker Lane :)

The place was already crowded at 11:30am when I arrived. I was so excited as I walked through the area. I can smell lots of aroma from smoky wok, chilli, cumin,etc and most of all, the ambiance of the place really makes you thing you are out of Sydney! :)

My first stop is to Chachu's and Mao Chai. Apparently Mao chai and China Chilli are of the same owner and so they share a sample dish. 

From Chachu's, I chose to try their Lamb Boti which is a spiced lamb wrapped in Roti and filled with lettuce, onion and their special sauce. Original price for 1 roll is $7.90

China Chilli is specializing in Sichuan cuyisine originated from Sichuan province in South Western China. Their menu did droolsss me alot. Unfortunately when I came, they only accept cash and the place was so hectic that I don't bother to take cash out T.T

We got a sample of the Dumpling in Chilli Oil. The sauce was made from Garlic, Chilli oil and sichuan pepper which are the essentials in Sichuan cuisine. Both bebski and I lovedd the Dumpling. It was soo good. The person in charge in the shop, not sure whether he's the owner or not but he surely was a dear! He gave us heaps of $10 voucher to be used in our next visit and he even asked me how many serve of dumpling that I want. ;)

Next stop is Jim's Malaysia. I especially like how they design their stall. It was so vibrant and inviting. They got a private seating next to the counter with a street-food feel like the one back in Malay and the lineeeee was long! Which is a good thing.

I was hoping that they would give us CKT as for their sample hehehe..  But instead, we got the Fried rice, Laksa, Curry puff, BBQ bun and this dessert made of coconut cream and pandan. In indo, we called it Kue Talam. Bebski lovedd the BBQ pastry and I loveeeeee the Laksa! Would definitely be back for a whole bowl of it and not to forget the CKT!

Not only Chinese and Malay Street food, here, there are also other such as Nahm Jimm for Thai, One Tea, Makanai and Sushi World for Japanese. Not to forget Gong cha and Lamb & Cumin for their skewers!

Lamb skewers from lamb & Cumin. Strong Cumin flavour and juicy meats. Cumin though is something either you like it or not. But bebski and I definitely like 'em ;P 3 sticks of lamb skewer for $5.50.

Tuna Sushi Roll from Sushi World. Other vendors were delighted to see us with the blue straps except this shop, i wonder why ;p They don't seem to be that happy to see us getting our samples >.<

Went to Nahm Jimm and apparently they were giving out padthai and pad kra pao with rice in small portions but I got there too late that the new sample is Chicken Skewer with salads which looks rather interesting. While walking with that in my hand, a number of people approached me and asked what is that I'm carrying hihi. The peanut dressing was soo good and the chicken skewers too!

I don't know what to think or react to this very cute sample from Makanai ^.^" ... It's a portion of a sample they gave out in Costco. haha. I had to share this with bebski ;P But I acknowledge that their Chashu Pork was yuumm. even though I only get to try a bit but I can definitely taste the really good smoked pork in it!

I think this is my first time having Gong cha in Sydney ;P I hardly get this bubble drink.. This time I tried their signature Milk Foam Green tea with Bubble. Not too sweet and the tea are so fragrant.

Fresh Beef Spring Rolls from Madam Nhu. I can't have enough of the rolls. It was yumm! Madam Nhu apparently is one of Sydney's first modern Vietnamese eateries in Sydney since 2007. Where have I been all this timee!

One of the many vendor that I have been wanting to try out since long time ago! Went to One Tea once at the city and did not make any booking so left the place downheartedly.. But sad not, I got to sample their Ramen Burger, Green Tea Burger with Chicken Karage and Green Tea ice cream Bao. Love the crisp edge of the Ramen, the aromatic Green tea bun of the Karage and for the Green Ta bao, i loveee all the combos. The fried mantau that they shaped into buns, the red bean paste and the sweetness from the Green tea are just perfect!

Last but not least, we had the Giant 12oz Fried Chicken from Cheers Cut! Addition to Hot star, Shilin and other Taiwanese snacks, Cheers cut according to Bebski topped all of them all.

The chicken was as big as both of my palms! There are heaps of sauces to choose from too.. I tried their sichuan sauce as Bebski and I like it hot hot hot! Even though we were so full from all the samples, we still can managed to finish it off since it's that delish...

They have options of 8oz or 12oz chicken/squid. For takeaway, they gave us this convenient hand carry pack for the chicken rather than a boring white plastic bag ;P

On our way out, we found Aquas at the corner and Bebski decided to get a sample of the Royal Milk Tea x Seasalt even though we tried that flavour the day before at the city ;p I guess Royal Milk Tea is our favourite flavour so far from Aquas!

That ends our Journey in Hawker Lane. They should have their eftpos machine to work by next week! I will definitely definitely bring my foodie troops to this place and we will chow down the food that I don't get to try, in bigger portion! hehe ;)

I'm so thankful to be invited to this Taste of Asia Events! .^^. Until next time, Chatswood :)

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