Monday, April 11, 2016

Calabur Cafe & Diner, Bondi Junction

A recently opened cafe in Bondi Junction.. Asian inspired cuisine are served here in Calabur cafe and Diner. They are cafe by the day and serves alcohol by night :) The service here are superb. Everyone are very friendly.

The place may be a bit hard to notice at first glance since it is located somewhat like in a "basement" and who would've thought once u go down the stairs, this pretty little cafe serve yummy foods!

I went here with Ms.N and Mr.P. We tried 3 dishes here. 
First is the Mama's Egg Pudding. Calabur's signature ASian steamed egg pudding sprinkled with crispy bacon bits and served with a side of Uncle Ray's salad. IMO, the pudding is a bit bland and the texture is not as soft as I thought it would be. Maybe because I am benchmarking that with Japanese Chawanmushi. However, that Salad, it may look ordinary but the dressing are just amazing! Ms.N and I literally can't stop diggin to that small bowl of salad!!

Next, we had the Granola Fruit Market. Fresh Berries and kiwis on a bed of Greek Yoghurt and a side of Honey. Well, there is nothing extraordinary in the dish, as healthy as it is, I always loved a good yoghurt with a crunch of those granola and freshness of the berries. On top of that, this dish looks soo pretty!

The must order dish when u visited the cafe. Spaghetti Namtok Salad - Angel hair spaghetti served with fresh sous vide atlantic salmon tossed in tangy Thai dressing with a mixture of sweetness, sourness and a hint of spicy note. It's sooo scrumptious! One bite is all it takes. The only thing for me probably the angel hair pasta could be seasoned a bit as it is pretty bland. Even though we were discussing that if may be a bit bland so it won't clash much with the salmon taste. But I think some herbs or even garlic oil will even be better than plain pasta :)

Overall, we were really happy with the taste and the service here, But probably the portion need to be increased a bit more especially on the namtok salad ;p

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