Monday, April 4, 2016

Haven, Surry Hills

Haven located in Central Station area has become popular recently with their egg waffle menu. I went here once before with my sis as they have an offer in Groupon. The foods here are asian fusion inspired and the place itself is really spacey, laid back and suitable for meeting or just hangin out with friends. They have a piano near the entrance and before they have an offer of a free coffee if you can play a song with it :) Which we did as my sis did 1 song there.

Below are the coffee that we received for free :) The coffee here is always serve with a side of raisin. Probably to sweetened the palate of the bitterness from the coffee.

With the Groupon offer, we got to choose 2 meals from their menus and 2 drinks. For the first dish, we got the Crispy Cauliflower with Poached egg which I think is no longer in the menu.

And their signature dish until today is their Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger. Five spiced Pork belly with Bocconcini cheese, Apple, Kale, Sesame Omellete, Radish and Milk Bun. Generous portion of the pork and also the combination of everything else is just perfect! I can eat this any time of the day!!

On my second visit, went here before the queue to try their on-the-hype-on-insta Egg Waffle!
The first one is the Kimcheese Egg Waffle served with Vanilla bean ice cream and Kimchee. I seriously don't get the combination of the two. I don't mind eating the vanilla ice cream along with the kimchee egg waffle, but the kimchee at the bottom of the vanilla ice cream is just weird to me.  But that again just my opinion though cause Mr.P loves it. haha

The second egg waffle that we got is the Green Tea Egg Waffle with red Beans. Nothing pretty special with this, but I love the waffle more since it's more crisp and eggy.

They offer 3 kindsof Egg waffle. The other one is the Nutella and Banana if i'm not mistaken. Should get that one too. Definitely be back to Haven as thhey alwqays have changing menu and as always, something to look forward to!

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