Friday, June 7, 2013

Hot Wok, Maroubra

It shopping night today and I was too lazy to cook dinner so me, bebski and couple of my friends decided to eat out :) Been living in maroubra for almost a year now but never tried Hot Wok chinese restaurant which is just across the road ^^

An appealing menu at the front of the place :)

The foods here are all well priced and good portioned too. It's just that sometimes the service can be quite long cause they have a lot of take away orders too...

 Bebski ordered the ginger and shallot fish fillet on rice. I thought it will be the usual chinese ginger and shallot dish with soy sauce dressing on top of a steam fish fillet. But it came out differently.. its still good though. It would be better if there was enough sauce on the plate :)

I got the combination laksa as the picture was really appealing :) And the picture didn't lie, it was delicious.. The laksa paste was flavoursome and there was a lot of meat inside ,, I love the combo of vermicilli and the yellow noodle in a laksa :)

Another favorite of bebski.. Fujian fried rice.. Basically it was stirfried veggies with chicken and cooked in oyster sauce (and other secret sauce) and made to a thicken soupy consitency and pour on top of rice.. yummy ^^

This dish was omellete full of onions and spring onions with crabsticks inside.. This was my least favorite as I dont eat spring onions ;P

Another recommended dish.. The special Shantung Chicken :) Full of meat.. Unlike other cheap chinese eats where they present you a mountain of chicken meat on top and a huge chunk of bones at the bottom, this dish is actually full of meat even at the bottom of the plate ^^ And I love the crispy seaweed bokchoy on top of the chicken :)

Like any other salt and pepper pork ribs.. It tasted similar to the rest.. Its just more coating that the actual meat ;P

My favorite.... Green Beanss!! From all veggies that they have in chinese restaurant, I'll always go with green beans :) This time the beans was cooked in belacan sauce which is a shrimp paste sauce ^^ I like how the chinese restaurant deep fried the beans so its still crunchy when u bite them but it doesnt have that raw taste :P

It was a good place to have a take away or even dine in, but you just have to be a bit patient :) The staff was really friendly though ^^ Highly Recommended! I tried the scezhuan chilli chicken too which was great! but forgot to take pics ;P

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