Friday, June 7, 2013

Yummy8. Sussex St

I was looking through Groupon website when I saw the voucher for all-you-can-eat dumpling with one bowl of noodle shared between two. Without thinking twice I just press bought!
So we went out on Thursday night to have a bit of shopping and eating ^^

My other passion besides korean foods ~~ it's dumplings indeed :)
They served us with some starter/chinese banchan probably?hehe.. There were boiled potato sprinkled with spring onions, steamed pumpkin, braised beef brisket which is very tender and melt in the mouth yummy and rich of five spice herb! The last starter is kinda like a sweet sticky rice cake :) 

The dumplings offered are pretty standard; chicken and mushroom, pork and chives, vegetables dumplings, pork and cabbage dumplings.

The first free noodle bowl we ordered was the Mince noodle. The soup is rich and thick. I quite like this dish.. it will be perfect with chopped chilli! but unfortunately they only have vinegar and soy sauce on site. Its even hard to ask for chilli as the waitress doesn't really speak English T.T

The second bowl is spare ribs noodle. The soup is lighter than the mince one and lacks flavour in my opinion. It's pretty bland ;P

Overall dining experience here, well because it was so cheap, I can't really complain.. I quite like the dumplings even though they tasted like regular dumplings. The noodle too, they are quite alright.. I guess if ever I come back here, it must be bexause of another voucher :P

What do you think reader? ^^

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