Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nick's Seafood, Darling Harbour

It is not often when I can feast on such a meal - Fresh Seafood. Its not that I couldn't, its just that its too expensive for a meal and Bebski doesn't really like "Western-style" seafood... But luckily, my parents came for my brother's graduation and I get the opportunity to eat in Nick's Seafood, Darling Harbour with my parents, bebski and my uncle ^^

We ordered two platters to be shared among us.. 
The first platter is the Hot & Cold pllater for two which consists of  Golden Tempura King Prawns, Blue Swimmer Crab, Freshly Shucked Sydney Rock Oysters, Tasmanian Smoked Salmon, Fresh King Prawns, Salt and Pepper Baby Calamari, Mussels & Chips

All I can say is.... Amazing! All the seafood are fresh. I never liked salmon but I lovee the salmon here! Writing this blog makes me wanna go there again... droools~~~~
Hot & Cold platter for two $130
The second platter which is Nick's platter for two is generally has similar components to the Hot & Cold platter but this one has Fresh lobster in it! The Lobster meat again is fresh and juicy!
Nick's Seaood platter for two $160
Overall, I loveeeeeeee the seafood platter here.. Will definitely come back, hope I dont have tp wait for my parents to come to enjoy the food here..~~ The price was worthed! Service was excellent too....

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