Saturday, January 18, 2014

Doraji korean BBQ, Waterloo

Here I am again, back in Sydney after a month holiday in Indo. Need to get used to do everything by myself again.... Far from family except my brother and thinking that I will be missing CNY again for the 4 times now T.T To make things worse, my fiance is not here yet til next month :(

Oh well, enough of my whining.. Tonight, me and my bro feels like korean as it was raining outside but too lazy to go to the city as it was always a hassle finding parking on Friday night... I was thinking 'wow bulgogi' in Kensington and I was shocked to find out that it has closed........ So then we still have a back-up Korean restaurant in Waterloo called Doraji. I ate here once with my fiance before ^^ And so me and my brother went...

There was always people eat in there but it was never full.. There were a table full of Korean moms gossiping over hotpot and soju and the other table was some Chinese students talking about their assignments ;P After we sat down and look at the menu, we decided to have the BBQ set menu for 2people and a soup...

The Banchan is not as great as other Korean restaurant :(

 Yuk gae Jang is the peerfect soup for a raining night :) It is a spicy beef soup with mushroom, sliced of beef, zucchini, bracken fern and taro stems.. U got your meat and your veggies plus soup in one pot. It was a well size portion for the two of us... It tsted great and refreshing too cleansing your pallet from those BBQ meats ^^
YukGaejang $13

Mixed rice (come with the BBQ set)
 The BBQ set consisted of pork belly, beef skirt, beef tongue, sliced beef and beef ribs ^^ This portion can feed 2-3 people but if you eat it with a guy, I think 2 people is just right ;P The meat was fresh and melts in your mouthhhhh..! Dipped the meat to sesame oil + Salt combo like the koreans do! ^^
BBQ set $40
Overall, a great dining experience. The staff was very attentive. My brother drops his chopsticks twice and before we were asking for a new ones, the waiter came to our table and replace it almost immediately. I would definitely go back here to fill our sudden korean food cravings :)

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