Friday, December 13, 2013

Ramen Zundo, Sydney

I have a read a couple of food review regarding this ramen restaurant in world square.. Apparently I've never notice about the existence of this restaurant, maybe because they are located in a small lane between Gusman Y Gomez and the Sushi roll.

I asked my boyfriend if he would like to accompany me trying out this new ramen in the block.. He told me that he ate there once before with his friend.. I was furioussss as I always keen to try new restaurant and how dare he went there without me hehe..

It was shopping night and we invite some of our friends too to join our dinner.. 

Some basic information about ramen zundo:
               Ramen Zundo offers three kinds of broth. The first one is pork broth where the pork bones were boiled for over 12 hours to gives out that rich and thick soup while keeping it still light when consumed. Then, for those not-so-pork-fan, they also offer a chicken broth. In addition, for those who are a bit more adventurous and curious, they offer 'Double Soup' which is the combination of the pork and chicken broth.

So here's what we got. . .

Indonesian Habit - We can never eat if there's no chilli, so I tried the chilli powder on the tip of my tongue and GOD it BURNS! Looking forward to receive the ramen NOW :)

                                                            Mount Chasu - Black Ramen ($14.80)

 As Big as As my Bf's appetite, he got the Mount Chasu Ramen with Black base soup which is a tonkotsu broth with Baked Garlic Oil added and literally a mountain of Chasu pork!

                                                          Original Black Zundo ($11.80)

The same soup base as the Mount Chasu just with less Chasu in it ;P
                                                                Tsukemen ($12.80)

Thick Chewy Noodle (Cold) and u dip it to the Original Pork broth with mince pork and shredded cabbage, I personally loveeeee this Tsukemen Noodle more than the ramen :)

                                                             Red Zundo ($11.80)

Red Zundo has spicy chilli oil incorporated in the pork broth. Again to me Zundo Red is mild spicy, I still need to add quite a bit of the chilli powder to make it even hotter ^^

We also tried the Melted Cheese and Pork Spring Rolls but I couldn't manage to find the pictures :(
This Restaurant is highly recommended.. Happy Eating All!

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