Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Satang Thai Exclusive, Haymarket

After accompanying my Fiance to a IELTS-Masterclass in haymarket last night, we were so hungry that we couldn't think of getting home and cook anymore.. The session finished late ard 8PM, so we decided to have some good old Thai food in Satang thai :)

It was full downstairs when we came in and so we were seated upstairs

I started looking at the menu, not because of choosing what to order but thinking should I order 3 dishes instead of 2.. But there is only me and fiance who's eating.. 

So i ordered . . .

                                     My Favourite - Chilli Duck ($17.90)

I really like the crispy basil on the top and the combination of chilli and thai soy sauce complement the duck and the mushrooms :)

My Fiance Favourite - Prik Khing Moo Krob or crispy pork belly with red curry sauce ($15.90)..

If you like you pork to be a bit dry and crispy, Satangthai is the one to go.. Its abit chewy thoughh.. No complain on the sauce though, it was spot on with the half cooked green beans :)

After ordering those two dishes, my Fiance insisted that we need a soup as it was cold outside.. So i ordered this Tom Saab, a sour and spicy soup with soft pork bone, mushroom, lemongrass and small chilli. There wasn't any spicy and sour punch that I've expected, it was quite sour and sweet instead of the Thai soup punch that you get elsewhere.. :)

                                            Tom Saab ($13.90)

Overall, it was a filling dinner and both of us went out with a happy tummy <3

The service was very fast too. Well done Satang Thai :)

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