Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Little Snail, Pyrmont

A couple years back my friend told me to try Escargot in The Little Snail, but I am always hesitant to eat french.. First, my preference is Asian food, then when I got no other choice I'll go western ;P I also don't really like fine dining atmosphere where everything is so formal, quite and the portion is like TINY!

BUT..... This Groupon voucher came out 3 course meal for two only $75 and I got a further $20 reduction from Groupon, so I thought, why not.. I heard the escargot is great.. So I booked for tonight. Reached there about 6PM, there were only 3/4 tables occupied. The place was nice, neat and white. We left 7.40PM and the place was packed!

We were greeted and seated. Then not long after that, one of the waiter explain how the voucher works and provide us with some drinks choice that come with the voucher..

We got our menu and we were looking at what to choose from EntrĂ©e to Dessert.. 

For Drinks, I got the Strawberry Mocktail and my bf with his always boring choice -- ORange juice ;P
OJ on the right, Strawberry Mocktail on the left

Escargot is a must to order as it was the dish that this restaurant is famous for. I was thinking Salmon roulade is not a bad choice either, especially when T see it will be filled with cheese~~ The escargot was cooked with butter, garlic and Parsley served with 2 slices of french bread. It was yummy. Hands down for the Escargot :) The Salmon roulade came with 3 pieces of cheese rolled salmon with crisp potato nest, bit of salad and a passionfruit dressing. It was weird reading it through the menu but the combination worked really well! ^^


Salmon Roulade

When we were walking towards the restaurant, my bf mentioned how he wanted to have beef steak cooked with red wine. Then when he was flipping through the menu, He saw it! One the top list of the main menu, there it was.. Fillet of beef Tenderloin with red wine jus.. So I know that he'll get it definitely! For me, I was seduced by the word "crispy" duck breast. I never had duck cooked french style before. I have only looked at it in Masterchef shows :p So I thought. hmmm.. Why not try it now. So I got it.

The beef Tenderloin was cooked perfectly and it was flavoursome too! But a bit disappointed by the duck as the skin was not crispy T.T The meat was pretty chewy too. . . But the cassis and raspberry sauce is a well- match to the duck :)

Magret de Canard

Beef Tenderloin
Then the part that I've been waiting for... I know that I'm not a big fan of sweet things either, but I always wanted to try French Dessert :) 
So I got the Chocolate gateau with pineapple and coconut candy. The texture of the chocolate is something that is not I expected. Its kinda like a gooey sticky pudding and unexpectedly I liked this dessert with the rapsberry ice cream. Not a fan of the pineapple slice though hehe.. The pineapple is really sticky!
Belgian Chocolate Gateau

The second dessert is the Chef-Churned hazelnut and Praline ice cream on Sable Breton and Grand marnier Caramel. Another yummy dessert! It was not overpower-ly sweet. The ice cream is creamy, soft, really pleasant with some crunchy hazelnut pieces inside. And a yummy French shortbread biscuit at the bottom with its soft and crumbly texture. Yes Sable Breton is French Biscuit if anyone wonders ;P I Have to google it to find out what it is hehe..
Chef-churned hazelnut and Praline ice cream
Overall dining experience? GREAT, Even my bf tipped them. He rarely give out tip ;P The service was quick. The staffs were attentive and friendly. The food was yummy too ^^
Will definitely be back.. Not bad Little Snail.. Not bad ^^

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