Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont

Every weekend me and Bebski always try to make plans to make use of the relaxing time that we got.. Last Sunday we woke up really early and started brainstrorming to where we should go and do. We were split between going to Cabramatta or going to 'The Spot' event in Randwick or have Rio Ramen then Black Star pastry in Newtown..

So we got ready and bebski said that he knew a street in Rosebery where there are heaps of foods to choose from. I know that Rosebery-Alexandria area are the are of brunch / western eateries but he keep insisting that he wanted to just drive around and pick one restaurant that looks appealing. So there we went and as I thought we ended up in Chippendale :P So then he said why not go to the fish market..

And there we go :P

The entrance to the various seafood junctions :)

Doyles Located on the right hand side of the entrance.. 

Sashimi Bar - across Doyles is always crowded with people searching for fresh sashimi / prawn. They also provides cooking service for the seafoods. People usually picked their crabs and they cooked it for them.. I personally never tried it before but I would someday ... hehehe..

This is the place where I usually eat - Fish Market Cafe :) Most of the people who work in this shop are Indonesians. So I can comfortably order with bahasa ;P Apart from that, I think their seafood is the most appealing compare to others and also the price too ^^

These are what they offer... I feel like getting a little bit of everything!! But they are expensive.. ;P

I got the usual, special grill seafood platter. I exchanged the grilled calamari to deep fried calamari rings :) I loveee themm!! Andd... I dont like oyster unless they are cooked with bacon on top ;P Next, i loveeee the scallop too and also the bbq octopus! Well seasoned with oregano :) Gosh I love this platter.. Suddenly I was craving seaffoooddd T.T
Another fish market visit with my mom and there were four of us. Look at how much we ordered ;p For the four of us, we spent 130AUD for everything and according to my mom it is roughly similar to what she would spend back in Jakarta ;p
Grill Platter for two with Grilled King rpawns and Lobster Mornay

Grilled Barramundi with chips $14.50

There is a bakery and deli too in the fish market... Not mentioning also fruit shop, but I didn't took picture of it :)

Loookss freshhhh :)

Saw this old man with his tremendously fast moving hand shuckling the oysters, washing them and putting it back on the shell :) That's all he do every day!! Must be a bery patient man ^^

I've always love coming to Sydney Fish Market, despite the fresh seafood, it was a good place to relax and hang around with friends :) One thing though, I highly recommend for all of you to BYO any drinks... The drinks that they sell here are really expensiveeee .. Might as well get another bowl of calamari rings than paying $4 for mount franklin hehehe

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