Sunday, March 16, 2014

Love Grub, Eveleigh

After Hongha for breakfast.. Now that my fiance has finished his IELTS and he was so hungry, we decided to have our lunch in a place nearby.. I found online that Love Grub is the nearest cafe from Australian Technology Park which was where my fiance had his test... So I went with my friend, Mr.US from my house and we're meeting my fiance (I'll call him Bebski in this blog) there.

The place was not as what I was expecting. It was a small cafe which is located next to a small park and has quite an interesting graffiti on the outdoor walls. It was quite dark inside and because the weather was nice, we sat outside..

It was a really nice place I should say .. And creative settings too ^^

We look at the menu and was really undecided what to choose as everything in the menu looks interesting...! But the one thing that catches my attention is the hand brekky roll ! Japanese style breakfast? So Im getting that one! I picked the scrambled egg and beacon filling as I am not a big fan of salmon (as the other option). It was quite an experience having scrambled egg and bacon inside a sushi roll, with the avocado placed outside the handroll with pan fried mushrooms and grilled tomato, what a combo!^^
Hand brekky roll with scrambled egg and bacon $17
Bebski got a flat white and The beef burger... As the picture showed.. THe beef Patty was sooo thick.. I can really taste the oniony note from the patty and also the some herby aroma too.. It was really a classic beef burger with tomato, beetroot, lettuce, and oozinggg sunnyside egg, bacon and tasty cheese. It also comes with diced roast potato on the sides. It was quite big of a portion that it can fill bebski's up ;P
Beef Burger $14
Flat White $4
Mr.US attention was definitely to the bento box option of the menu. He got the Pork katsu bento box set that comes with organic brown rice, tahini salad, edamame and asian crunch!
Pork Katsu Bento $15
We looked at the Japas menu and the wasabi mayo with shoe string caught my eyes. I have been craving for shoe string fries for soo longg! and besides maccas, other fast foods mostly offer the thick chips cut! So we got this as our 'Middle-to-share' dish,,,
Shoestring Fries with Wasabi Mayo $6
Overall, It was a good experience.. Will definitely come back to try other dish and might come at night as it said on their website that the restaurant turns into Japanese Tapas restaurant at night :)
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