Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arisun, Haymarket

Saturday Night dinner... Me, bebski and Mr.US planned to have Ikkyu Ramen in Chinatown but apparently because there were 2 more of my friends joining and they were not really keen on having ramen, so we ended up in Arisunnn!!^^ Well, I was not disappointed at all as I loveeee Arisunn <3

The must have dish in Arisun is the Jajangmyun! When I visited Arisun usually, we alwaysss only get the large jajangmyun and the soy chicken. But yesterday, we were thinking of ordering more dishes to add some varieties in my blog.. what a thoughtful friends I have :)
Jajangmyun $11

Arisun Chicken no.1. They are put first for a reason..... They are the best out of the others! Im not a fan of the gachujang sauced one.. always get the soy sauce chicken.. It was different from other korean fried chicken in that the chicken was lightly coated then deep fried instead of coated with cfrumbed flour like the one in Naruone :) The sauce is to die for.. It was so good  the sauce on rice...
Sun's Chicken no.1 $30
Next, we ordered spicy chicken with melted cheese sauce. It was again with gochujang and not spicy.. It's just a bit sweet for me.. and the melted cheeseeeee.... diviineee~~~!! This dish was better than the fried chicken according to Mr.US!
Spicy Chicken with melted cheese sauce $30

For the hotpot, we chose the marinated beef hotpot with enoki mushroom, glass jelly noodle at the bottom and veggies (Carrot, Zucchini and spring onions).. The soup was sweet. it taste like wet bulgogi :) It was yummy though.
Marinated beef hotpot $35

4 dishes were shared among 5 of us and I am the only girl in the group but still we find it a struggle to finish everything up! But thanks to Mr.PT... our friend with tummy as a blackhole... we manage to clean up the plates :)

Other pictures of dishes in Arisun...
Mandu/Dumplings. Unlike authentic korean mandu with vermicilli and mince pork filling, it is more of like korean-chinese fusion dumpling :) But its still nice... joahaeyo!

Our favourite hotpot in Arisun ~~ Budae Jigae or army stew.... With Gochujang base soup and ramen noodle on top, it consisted of spam, sausage, dokbukki, zucchini, kimchi and shallot.

 I Highly recommend this place~! Great staff, love the chinese kimchi and great food too!

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  1. mmm I have never had the spicy chicken with melted cheese at Arisun yet... have got to try that out next time !

    1. THe HungryFoodTechMarch 18, 2014 at 10:40 AM

      Yes, the melted cheese dish is located at the end of the menu, so it can be quite hard to notice it ;P You should def try it! :) Any other dishes in arisun that u would recommend for me? ^^


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