Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Dough Collectives, Sydney

 They closed down Galaxy World in George st city and the area was closed for a quite long time.. Then a month or two later, when I came back to Sydney after my Indo holiday, i went passed this new bread place.. Always passing by George st but never enter even once until last Sunday :)

It was really crowded and we decided to take a look at what's the hype..

They sell an array of breads, both sweet & savoury.. As well as schones and buns too. They also give away FREE Samples of each bread.. Can literally fill you up just by tasting the delicious bread :)

The Master Baker was baking when we were there making a new variety of bread. Unfortunately, it will take a long time before they could serve them ;( So I haven't got the chance to try them out..

I got the pumpkin & cream cheese bread and bebski got the sweetpotato & cream cheese bread. The dough is soooooo softtt!! Don't know how they do it but it was delicious! Will try other variants when I come back..!!
$5.50 ea
Drinks menu:

Too bad they don't have a place to sit and chat... otherwise, it will be a perfect hang out place!!

Second Visit
6th April 2014

Went here again with a couple of friends to introduce them to a very soft and chewy bread that Dough Collectives offer and to try out some other variants. Bought the Condensed milk and cream cheese bread and also the sweet potato and cream cheese bread.

Condensed milk & Cream cheese
To our disappointment, there are only cream cheese in the filling. We were expecting condensed milk flowing out as we bite into the bread.. But it is taste good though. Haven't got the chance to photo the Sweetpotato one as it was really yummy and everyone has a bite to it.

What I just noticed too is that they have a baking schedule everyday so that you'll know which bread is freshly baked :)

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  1. Really like the interesting choice of bread here, and I often grab a morning coffee here too (love single origin!)

    1. Whats your fav bread? I will try their coffee next time!^^

  2. oh ive walked past this place a couple times now! wanting to check it out for a while.. from what ive heard they have free samples of all their breads! not sure if that was a myth or not... either way, going to check it out!

    1. It is Truee!!^^ I will go back just to try different breads ;P Go on an empty stomach k . hihihi..

  3. Pumpkin and cheese is definitely my favourite!
    Other ones I'd recommend are the azuki toast and the cheese slice.
    Don't think I've stumbled across something I dislike, but maybe it's because I like eating bread in general.

    1. I will try them !! Thanks for the recoomendation.. I dont really like bread in general but this one is an exception ^^ ~~


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