Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Killa Burger, Burwood

I was watching Man Vs Food in Travel & Living channel and Adam Richmond was having his huge burger challenge. Bebski asked me if there is such challenge in Sydney and so I googled: "Huge Burger in Sydney" and killa burger popped up! I looked through the menu online and was really excited to go and try the burger :)

So I gathered some of my friends to have dinner there. They have several locations but the closest to my place is the one in Burwood.. The restaurant from outside looked like an American Diner and they have plenty of parking too :) When we arrived, there wasn't much people eating despite it was a friday night. I asked bebski if he wanted to do the challenge.. Killa Kage - where you have to eat the killa burger, killa chips, killa drink and killa soft serve alone in 60minutes for $35 to put your name in the wall of fame ;P But bebski said he's not in the mood to eat that much :P

Sp this is what i got..

Let's break it down :)
First is the Booty Burger which filled with beef, coleslaw, ketchup, mustard and chips. The beef patty was juicy and the bun was soft :) It was really delisious,, Got the combo with the chips and a drink too ^^
Booty Meal $9
 Then I also tried the chicken crunch.. Ive always loved chicken wings!! Be it deep fried or grilled and I must say this one is the winner menu of the night :) Crunchy and crispy!^^ Not too oily in addition :)
Chicken crunch 6 pieces for $5.98
 The ribs was okay I guess.. Im not really a fan of it but its good to taste a little bit of everything as I have travelled that far to Burwood :)
Regular Ribs $12.98
For dessert, the only thin that caught my eyes was the  Killa Bomb! Basically, it is a deep fried ice cream and you can choose you toppings either chocolate, caramel or strawberry. But I got the most basic ones, chocolate :) It was goooooodddd ^^
Killa Bomb $4.98
Overall, It was a great experienced and good knowledge to know that we have that humongous burger in Sydney too. I would like to come back soomeday to have the chicken crunch and try other burgers :)
Sometimes its hard to find a place that no one ever tried before unless it was categorized as Top10 or top25 sydney eats. So with some inspiration from Tv Channel and help from Mr.Google. Im glad that I could manage to find a new place :)
Killa Burger Grill on Urbanspoon

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