Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Forrester, Surry Hills

Pulled Pork. A sudden crave for a melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork .. Looked up online and found this pub/bar in Surry hills that served a giant feast consisting of pulled pork and all the sides. Went on a Saturday but apparently it was so full and one of my friends didn't bring his ID.. T.T Too bad!

So came back on Sunday evening to dine here :) It was I guess my second time dining in pub/bar... I hardly go to bars/pub unless they serve appetizing food such as The Dip Good God :) So I went with bebski, my siblings and Mr.PT...

Walked in, no one greeted us. Everyone was busy doing their thing. I can only see a bartender, some customers chatting and having beers on their hands. We make our way into the restaurant and seated ourselves in one of the big table at the back of the restaurant. Across us was a family having dinner with their kids.. SO this is a family place too, I thought :) Got a bit confused on how to order too, literally no wait staff at all T.T

Looked at the menu and we got these...
Order the snack / entree : Popcorn Chicken Ssam with Avocado and Salso rojo. Good thing that they used chicken breast embedded with green chilli (not spicy) and topped with korean gochujang and toasted sesame and black sesame seeds. Nothing so special about this dish. Apprently for $14 and u got only 5 pieces of small chicken :(  Good thing there were 5 of us hat night..
Popcorn Chicken Ssam - $14
 Salad with Crispy pork is always will be ordered! The salad comes with prawns, crispy pork, Cabbage slaw, tomato, jalapeno and lime. To my disappointment, the crispy pork is not crispy and they haven't seasoned it well :(
Santa Fe Salad $18
 We decided to try the pizza too . Got the pizza with pulled pork, salami, bacon corn and bbq sauce :) The bread was nice but I can't taste anything else as the BBQ sauce was to much on the pizza :( Shud've try other pizza....
Frisky Hilbilly $24
 The Dish That we've been waiting forrr!! Pulled pork with bread rolls, chips and cabbage corn slaw. Warning: if you think of sharing among 2 people and order other dishes, Dont! This dish can feed 5 of us with all other sides that we ordered. They cooked the pulled pork quite good, it fell of the bone and was nicely grilled.. It is a good combo to eat with the rolls and slaw :) This Dish is really the winner! I only recommend this dish :)
The Pit $35
Overall, good experienced despite the poor service. I personally can't eat comfortably as some table besides us was smoking... Not sure if they are allowed to smoke inside though?
Will definitely come back to try out the burgers!!

Anyone been here before? What are your thoughts?
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