Friday, March 28, 2014

Wang Wang Shanghai Silver Star, Kingsford

TGIF! Its Friday... Weekend... Since I started working full time, I really appreciate the value of weekends! The joy of not having to wake up early in the morning and drive an hour to work ~~ So as usual, I was too lazy to eat at home and I decided to have dinner in Kingsford and walk around the neighbourhood as I haven't been there for a long time.. (Well, technically I passed Kingsford everyday to work, just passing though ;P

Bebski is craving for wang wang, so we had dinner here and when we arrived, there was still a couple of table, Luckily! Cause as we were eating, there were a lot of crowds waiting for tables...

Personally for me, I think Wang Wang serves decent food with cheap price too considering the portion of food that you get! Its just that the wait for your order can be a long one when it is a full house!

The menu that is displayed here is not in the book menu, and it is not a big sign on the wall, so you have to keep an eye for it :) Ive tried the Stir fried sliced pork with Chinese cabbage which is good and has a lot of flavour :)

Typical Chinese Restaurant.. Soy sauce and Vinegar is a must.. Chinese always eat their dumplings with vinegar (Learnt it from my chinese friends ;p) For me, its always soy sauce with chopped chilli.. yummm~~

Bebski was starving as he hasn't eat since morning, but me, I've pigged out myself during lunch and yet I am still ordering lots and lots of food for just the two of us ;P
After 25mins waiting for our food, the deep fried calamari with salted egg yolk arrives! The calamari was fresh, has a good bite to it and the salted duck egg was really yummy coating the squid.. it was just a perfect dish to eat with rice. Its not very salty too..

Calamari with Salted Duck Egg $12.80
Next is the Clams in Black bean sauce. Bebski was hesitant to order the dish at first cause he's afraid that the seafood wouldn't be as fresh. BUT, the dish proves him wrong! It was fresh and the sauce is really flavoursome.. They use alot of garlic and ginger in the dish that makes it aromatic.. I cant get enough of the sauce.. Like Manu always says "give mo more sauceeee" :) It was really cheap too!

$ 10.50

Our third dish to arrive is Xiao Lung Bao or pork steamed dumplings? It was bigger than the dumplings in New Shanghai and the soup is not as hot so it wouldn't burn your tongue and throat hehe.. Was really yummy and I can really taste the ginger bits in it :)
6 for $6.50

Our last dish of the night issssss shredded pork with buns... The pork is cooked with spring onions, red capsicum and onions. Chin Kiang Vinegar is the first thing I can taste from this dish. Its a type of Chinese Black Rice Vinegar that has a distinct taste if u have ever cook with it, you'll know the taste :)
Enough from the sauce, it was a great dish! 
$13. 80

This is how I like to eat them :) It would be great though if they could cut the buns slightly so we can put the fillings inside ^^

Overall dining experience..... Despite the wait for the food, everything tasted great! The service was awesome, That waiter I had tonight was exceptional. She was literally attending all the tables, taking order, seating people and bringing out the food!! They really need to hire more people. Poor waiter.. :) Four thumbs up for her!! She can still smile and was really friendly to everyone ...

With so much food ordered, we left 2 of the buns behind as we were so full!! I admit my habit of ordering way too much food for just two people T.T

Highly Recommended!

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