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The Pantry, Manly

Visited: 6th Dec 2013 (Late post)

Visit The Pantry in manly for our 2013 Work Christmas Party, we always celebrate our xmas party in manly area as it is nearby from our office ^^ A game of roquet or two before.. I know it a game for old people but its quite fun :)

A 3 course meal from entree to dessert and the fave part if free drinks, I mean, Alcoholic drink as the company pays for everything ;P When we received the choice for the evenings, I made an alliance with 2 of my colleagues to choose different menus so we can try all three that they offer ;P

The first entree is Pan seared scallop with monchego, jamon, sour cream and bread crumbs. A unique combinations but it works really well. The scallop is cooked perfectly and the sauce on top, can't get enough of it.. Unfortunately it comes 3 pieces only which is just nice for each of us :)

The second entree is Fried Calamari with aioli & rocket. Simple dish with a punch of flavour! The calamei is fresh and has that chewy calamari texture that I love..! The aioli is really creamy and delicious,,,

The third entree is a duck and rosemery terraine with quince marmalade. Not my favourite dish though :( I guess it was a dish you either like it or you don't :)

Such a great entree! We can't wait for the mains~!

Our First main is Herb crusted salmon fillet with red cabbage saurkraut an potato salad. The salmon is a bit overcooked for me but that how I like it ;P Nice combo with the saurkraut and potato.

The second main is Chicken breast saltimbocca with Tagliatelle + Sage butter. My favourite dish of the night! Again the chicken is a bit dry but I love the sauce and the pasta!! Well, it was the best out of three ;P

Steak Florentine - Black Angus Tbone streak w/ Herb proscuitto butter, What a name ha.. The flavour is not as good as the name. The beef is very dry and chewy. I got the Tbone and some of my collegaue got the full meat without any bones! Too much salad on the plates too. I want my chips ;( I had a high expectations on this one but it was a let down :(

After having all the mains, we thought, dessert will be good. it has to be! We waited for atleast 45mins to an hour for the dessert to arrive!
First we have the Banoffee pie... Good punch of banana butt tooo sweet, way too sweet for the caramel sauce. We can only have a spoon each.. T.T It was heavy on the cream too..

Then, the dessert that I thought will be least yummy turns out to be my favourite! Caramelised apple with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. They have a praline crunch in the middle of it which provides a good tecture to the overall dessert and it wasn't as sweet as the banoffee!

Another let down on the dessert, the chocolate Gateau with eton mess. Dry cake I should say.. Not moist at all. THe choc is quite dark and again too sweet T.T

We waited for so long for the dessert but it turns out to be just okay. It was a downhill from the entree I should say.. It was a busy night and the service is not really attentive.. Good thing is they have a nice view! hehe..

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