Sunday, March 16, 2014

HongHa, Mascot

Went to mascot yesterday after dropping my fiance for his IELTS test.. Decided to have HongHa for breakfast and was hoping that the queue is not long.... Apparently I reached there around 9.30AM and there were only 3/4 customers lining up. Apparently Hongha is really popular banh mi place in eastern suburb and on Sunday the line could go up to 3-4 stores away from them.

I read alot of review that said that Hongha is not that nice anymore... I think I should really have a 'Banh Mi Hunt' soon ^^ Because for me I think Hongha so far serve the best banh mi, I like how their bread is crusty on the outside but soft inside :) But I agree to many people saying that the service is not the best here. They don't smile, they don't say thank you and if we say Thanks they gave you a blank expression-less face ;P 

I got the usually banh mi and sides that I usually get from Hongha :) Always love the pate and mayo that they use in the pork roll........

Pork Roll $5
 My new favourite banh mi is the chicken roll. I used to like the pork roll before but now I've change my heart to Chicken roll. The chicken is well seasoned and the brown sauce they used in the chicken roll is divineeee helping with the dryness of the roll...
Chicken Roll $5
 The Spring roll is really oily but the filling is vegetables so minimising the guilt probably? ;P The fried dimsim is the usual pork dimsim with pieves of cabbage inside and deer fried. Goody but again,Oily!
Spring roll & Fried Dimsim $1.50ea
 Here are some glitz of the menu in Hongha ^^

I personally highly recommend this place if you can tolerate their service :)

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