Friday, March 21, 2014

Taste of Shanghai, Westfield Bondi Junction

Its almost weekend and I was tempted so start weekend early by dining out and doing some window shopping with Bebski^^.. So after work yesterday, went home for a bit and we went to Bondi Junction for some shopping and eating :)

It was so unusual that Bondi Junction was not crowded at all and the parking was quite empty too.. Maybe everyone went to Moore park for Baseball League or smthng...
I'm craving for Xiao lung Bao so we decided to eat in Taste of Shanghai. The queue was quite long but we managed to get our order...

Oops the menu is too small. Sorry ,, bad photography ;P Overwhelmed with so much choice that I want to order all!

 Dumpling making station. . . Her hands was so fast! Im amazed...

They also have an array of foods displayed on their counter which made me more salivating while waiting for the queue!!

Ok, So we've made our choice, well more of my choice ;P
The pork filling is well-portioned with the dumplings pastry. It is well pan fried too with some soup inside. yummy!
Pan Fried Pork Dumplings $9
 The best Xiao Lung Bao for me personally. The pastry is thin and soft. the pork filling was similar to the dumplings in my taste but no complain. It was really delicious.. The soup inside is not as hot too!
Pork Xiao Lung Bao $4
 First and second bite, this dish was tasty. But afterwards the strong XO sauce just hit your palate.. Too much XO sauce for me and I think more shredded pork will be good :) We ended up not finishing this dish :(
Chinese Stir fried rice cake with X.O sauce and shredded pork $12.80
 My favourite veggies of all times ~~~ Green Beans! Crunchy crunchy! not too salty as KCR green beans and have a good crunch with the addition of the fried shrimp and fried shallots too. This is a must buy dish!
String Beans with Dried shrimps and soy sauce $11.80

Bebski's favourite menu! The pork filling was quite small though and the soup inside was really hot, so becareful :)
Pan Fried Pork Bun $9.80
Overall, I love this place! Never get tired of eating dumplings from New Shanghai! NSH Zhang!^^

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