Saturday, March 8, 2014

Na Bangkok, Maroubra

The weather prediction for this weekend is thunderstorm, so I didn't arrange any outdoor activities.. Apparently it was really hot and shiny today T.T I was thinking of having dinner in the city, but I just remembered that I have booked Na bangkok with Groupon voucher for tonight's dinner and also there is future music in Moore park right now which means it'll be a hassle going to City >.<

Went to Na bangkok at 6PM and choose to seat outside cause it was a small place and they are grilling the skewer where the smoke is around the restaurant.. I think their exhaust fan didn't work properly :P

The waiter came out and give us the Groupon menu

We order the skewers both chicken and pork for Entrée :) I prefer the chicken skewer over the pork. The pork is quite dry and chewy. But the seasoning for both skewer is goooood ^^
As usual, my bf is always against my opinion, he prefers the pork ;P
Pork Skewer

Chicken Skewer
Then we choose Thai milk tea and Thai Ice tea for the drinks. The Thai milk tea does not have enough tea component. It was more milky and not too sweet. I don't think they use condensed milk. While the Thai Ice tea is very sweet .. We have to milk the two drinks together in the end :p

For the Mains, we ordered Chicken Pad see ew for me and supposedly the BBQ chicken with rice.. But the dishes that came out was pork pad see ew which again the pork is chewy and hainanese chicken rice where the chicken is mostly skin and thigh :( Very disappointed. But we didn't complain as we has other plans for tonight.. The pepper in the pad see ew was too overpowering but apart from that, it was pretty yummy. The hainanese chicken rice, the chicken was ok, the rice was not as fragrance but the chilli is a good match for the chicken :)

Pad see ew

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Overall, it was a good place to have a quick dinner. I think the mistake with the order was because they have a lot of takeaway and delivery order for the Groupon voucher, so I will let it go this timeee.. :)
Will I be back? MayB.

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