Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kurtosh, Randwick

This week Saturday was only me and bf.. No friends, just us as today is our 59th Monthniverssary? Gosh I lost count already.. After dinner in Na Bangkok, we decided to go Kurtosh as he crave Kurtosh's Cheesecake.. 
 It was quite hard to find parking as it was Saturday night and we were there at 7PM. But luckily, this kindhearted guy was pointing to us where he parked so that we can have the space as he was going out ^^ YAy!!

When we came, the place is still quite empty, but it started to get really full when we left.

Some of the shots of what Kurtosh offers . . .

Kurtosh is a traditional Hungarian Pastry famously known as Chimney Cake. It was sold as street snacks all over hungary (Info From here)

I Ordered the Chocolate hazelnut spread kurtosh, Crispy with crunchy glaze on top and fluffy pastry with choc hazel inside :) Best eaten while it's still warm ^^

Choc Hazelnut Kurtosh $9.50
This Pic was from my previous visit, I got the Cinnamon Kurtosh..

My bf got Iced White Chocolate Mocha which is really good. Not too sweet, and the coffee has a good roasted aroma.  This Drink is Highly recommended especially in hot weather!

Kurtosh mentioned in their website that they want to recreate a homey atmosphere which I could say, they are successful cause the cafe feels so relaxing, cozy and comfy :) The staff was super friendly too^^
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