Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Sydney

I saw my friend posting on  Facebook a new fried chicken shop called Hot Star? I reckon it'll be like Shihlin but the blue version of it :) So I went to the city last Sunday to try it out...

My guess was right! It is similar to shihlin but instead of cutting down the chicken breast to pieces, they kept it as a whole with the bones still intact.

As we were having lunch in Zundo, I thought I'll just get the large fried chicken and reserving the sides for next time :) The mushrooms and sweetpotato seems sooo delicious!

So I got the Spicy Large chicken but as usual, its not spicy for me or maybe for anyone.. Its a mild chilli powder, sweet I would say,, Unfortunately, the chicken coating is not sticking to the chicken. It was messy when i eat them.. The chicken itself is well cooked and yes, it chicken breast, not processed. But the coating is the down factor to me... I still prefer shihlin ;)

I will go back and try the sides... The chicken bites looks good too!!
Has anyone tried other things besides the large fried chicken? Let me know!!^^

Second Visit
13 April 2014

Got the chicken bites and the sweet potato this time. I lovee the chicken bites more than the Large Chicken breast. Maybe because they use chicken thigh here so it is more juicy and flavoursome...

I got the combo so it comes with a side and can of drink. I got the sweet potato instead of the curly fries. Wise decision, as the sweet potato was battered and deep fried until golden crispy and was seasoned with their special salty seasoning which produce the salty-sweet balance of the dish, delicious!

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  1. I think it's good to keep the chicken not as spicy otherwise it would overpower the taste and juiciness of the chicken - but that's my preference
    I've also tried the bites, although the basil gives it a nice fragrance it's nowhere near as juicy as the original.

    1. ye, youre totally right on the spicy level :) I figured that too hhee.. I will def try the bites soonn :)

  2. I really like the curry one! I'm craving it now actually :P I liked how juicy the chicken was too.

  3. Waw.. I didnt know they have the curry one.. Thanks for that Lorrainee! ^^

  4. Love this place! The mushrooms were really juicy!

    1. Didnt get to try the muhsrooms yet.. thanks for the tips :)

  5. I haven't tried the chicken bites yet! They look so good!


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